Roswell Rotary Club

A Winning Tradition



Being Recognized For Doing Good

There is nothing like a little healthy competition, especially when you are competing to best serve your community. Rotary divides clubs into four categories based on size and Roswell Rotary is in Category IV with well over the 100 member benchmark. The clubs in each category compete with each other for the coveted “Club of The Year” banner. Roswell Rotary has made it a tradition to win Club of the Year or runner up for category IV each and every year. Roswell Rotary was even named the “Club of the Decade” for the great work the club did from 2000-2010.

2015-16 District Awards

  • Club of The Year
  • Best Service Projects
  • Best Club Yearbook
  • Best Club Website

  • Best House of Friendship Display
  • Best District Conference Attendance
  • Runner Up Foundation Total Giving
  • Governor’s Citation

Recognizing Our Members

Each year we celebrate the success of our club in it’s efforts to support our community and beyond. While we do our greatest work as a group, there are always individuals that lead the way. The Roswell Rotarian that stands out from the crowd is recognized with the “Rotarian of The Year” award.

Rotarian Of The Year

2015-16 Debbie Cwalina & Michael Schoppenhorst
2014-15 Becky Stone
2013-14 Theo Keyserling
2012-13 Karen Schwank & Jim Coyle
2011-12 Michael Gould
2010-11 Elwyn L. Gaissert, II
2009-10 Rudy Lind
2008-09 Dave McCleary

2007-08 Bob Hagan
2006-07 Harvey Smith & Charles Cameron
2005-06 Mike McRay
2004-05 Nancy Diamond
2003-04 Rick Meer
& Eddie Smith
2002-03 Gene Beckham
2001-02 Mark Stone

2000-01 Pat DiGeorge
1999-00 Ron Redner
1998-99 Bucky Cook
1997-98 Gary Garrett
1996-97 Steve Stroud
1995-96 Charles Pettett
1994-95 Bill Stokes
1993-94 Allen Dalton

Service Above Self

Rotary’s motto of Service Above Self is often demonstrated by individuals in our club. This award is given to an outstanding Rotarian who has consistently placed service above self. In 2005, this award was named for Elywn L. Gaissert, Sr., a Charter Member of Roswell Rotary.

Elwyn L. Gaissert, Sr. – Service Above Self Award

2014 Gene Beckham
2013 Elwyn Gaissert II
2012 Mickey Deaton
2011 Jack Stephens
2010 Ken Briggs
2009 Gary Garrett
2008 Patricia DiGeorge
2007 Aubrey L. Hawkins
2006 Charles Pettett
2005 Stan Moses
2004 Don Howard
2003 Neal Butterworth
2002 Steve Stroud
2001 Phil Mathis
2000 Tom Campbell

1999 Malone Dodson
1998 Tom Price
1997 Tom Mote
1994 Skipper Hoke
1993 Bill Stokes
1998 Trummie Patrick
Harold A. Benson
David Bourne
Frank V. Brown
Lee O. Callaway
Elwyn Gaisssert, Sr.
Aubrey Greenway
Herb Hawkins

Maurice Hilliard, Jr.
Joseph E. Hopkins
Bill Lewis
Archie L. Lindsey
Lew Marshall
Hal Powell
“Chief” Aubrey Reeves
Nat Reiney
Brantley Seymour
Monroe “Buddy” Stamps
William L. Stewman
Don Thomas
Taylor Williams