Roswell Rotary Club

Adopt A Platoon


We Proudly Support Our Troops

The Rotary Club of Roswell is proud to support our military men and women. To express our appreciation for their service and sacrifice, we try to make their deployment in conflict zones a bit more bearable by providing them with items that the military does not provide, or that the troops do not have ready access to. Over the past two years, we have sent over 200 packages, accompanied by school children’s letters, to our men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Help us pack boxes for the troops

Saturday, January 28 at 9:00 AM
Hembree Park Activities Building

This year we are supporting 1st Lieutenant Harrison Florence who graduated from Roswell High and then from West Point. He is currently deployed as the Platoon Leader of Bravo Company, 4-2 Attack Reconnaissance Battalion, 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade.

Items needed:

  • Sugarless chewing gum
  • Crystal Light powdered drink flavors
  • Energy bars (Cliff, power bars, etc.)
  • Ground coffee, sweetener, creamer (in small packages, no cans)
  • Throat lozenges
  • Lip balm
  • Beef Jerkies
  • Hand-held games
  • Paper, pens, envelopes
  • Magazines for 18-28 year-olds, except you-know-what
  • Any & all toiletries
  • Letters of encouragement & appreciation

1st Lieutenant Harrison Florence's Bio

Harrison Florence, a native of Roswell, Georgia, was born in 1991, to parents Scott and Shan Florence. The youngest of the three Florence children, Harrison credits his physical development to participation in the wrestling matches and backyard tackling drills his brother Mitchell gladly put him through. His social and cultural development comes from his sister, Jordan. From 90’s pop albums, dress-up parties, and Friends episodes, Harrison received the full “youngest child” experience.

Upon his graduation from Roswell High School in 2010, Harrison accepted his nomination and appointment to the United States Military Academy. While attending West Point, he competed at the NCAA Division-I level as a member of the Army Golf Team and earned Patriot League Conference Academic Honor Roll distinctions. Majoring in Economics, Harrison earned his Bachelor of Science degree upon graduation, joining the Long Gray Line as a member of the West Point Class of 2014.

Quickly transitioning from cadet to officer, Second Lieutenant Florence’s first duty assignment was learning how to fly a helicopter at the U.S Army Aviation Center of Excellence in Fort Rucker, Alabama. After months of training and over 200 hours in the cockpit, Harrison earned his “wings” and status as an AH-64D Apache Longbow army aviator. First Lieutenant Florence is currently forward deployed at Camp Humphreys in the Korean Theatre of Operations and serving as the Attack Platoon Leader of Bravo Company, 4-2 Attack Reconnaissance Battalion, 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade.

Off duty, Harrison enjoys every opportunity to play a round of golf or dive into a new novel. His deep love for travel has taken him to many countries and opened his eyes to diverse peoples and cultures. Embracing the opportunity to live in Korea, Harrison appreciates every opportunity to experience the rich atmosphere of Seoul, the mountains of Seoraksan National Park, or the quiet beach town of Sokcho.

1LT Florence incurred a six-year Active Duty Service Obligation upon graduation from flight school in June 2016. Following his Platoon Leader time, Harrison aspires to command an aviation attack company and continue his studies of developmental economics, particularly in post-conflict states at graduate school.