Roswell Rotary Club

Friendship Summer Camp


Jun 14


Roswell Rotary Supports Friends of Roswell Parks

Roswell Rotary supported the Friendship Summer Camp through the Friends of Roswell Parks ‘100 campaign’. Because of the high student to teacher ratio that is necessary for adaptive therapy programming, the fees are much higher than other day camps. The donation through Roswell Rotary and other organizations will subsidize the costs for Roswell residents to a rate which is comparable to other camps offered by the recreation system, $100.

The adaptive therapy summer camps run from 6/2 – 7/25 and they cater to all level special needs like Autism, ADD/ADHD, Intellectual Disabilities and more. Day Camp includes exciting themes focused on social skills. Activities include music, crafts, outside play, and most of all opportunities to make friends. We are lucky that we have trained staff is skilled in creating a structured and supportive environment that fosters positive social and
life skills.

This is our first year for the program and we have already made the minimum requirements to be able to offer a camp every week, which was expected, but also serves as a litmus to how great the need for adaptive programming is for families. This is also the first full summer camp in a recreation system for adaptive therapy in North Metro Atlanta.

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