Roswell Rotary Club

Humanitarian Grants


Jan 15


Humanitarian Grant Options

  1. District Grants to help Rotary districts support short-term or long term humanitarian projects (they also support non-humanitarian projects like scholarships, exchange teams and more)
  2. Global Grants to support international service projects involving Rotary Clubs or Districts in two or more countries; which fund long-term, sustainable, measurable grassroots development projects in one of The Rotary Foundation’s six areas of focus.

You Can Help!

Supporting Humanitarian Grants Program, Global Grants Cadre of Technical Advisors is a registry of Rotarians who provide technical expertise to The Rotary Foundation and Rotarians who develop and implement large scale projects. Cadre members serve in countries other than their own, and they conduct on-site project visits for two to three days with written reports upon their return. The Rotary Foundation pays for a per diem and roundtrip air-fare. The cadre is in need of Rotarians qualified in the following fields: Health, Education/Literacy, Small Business/Revolving Loans (micro credit), and Financial Auditing (chartered accountants and certified public accountants), and more. Additionally, it is really helpful for those that can speak French, Spanish, Portuguese and other language skills.

Volunteer To Be A Technical Advisor