Roswell Rotary Club

Lunches For Learning

Lunches for Learning exists to break the cycle of poverty in rural Honduras by providing a healthy lunch to elementary school children every school day at their school; thereby allowing these children to stay in school so they can complete their education and enter the workforce as literate individuals.
Honduras is among the poorest nations in the world with much of the population living below the poverty level, earning less than $2 per day. However, statistics show that a child who earns at least a sixth grade education has hope for breaking the cycle of poverty because they learn basic reading, writing and math skills that open future doors. This is the foundation of the Lunches for Learning mission.
Because of a very efficient delivery system and a team of Honduran staff members maintaining a year-round presence in-country, a gift of only $150 will feed one student for an entire school year. Donors may sponsor a student, sponsor an entire school, or anything in-between. Our donors and sponsors are truly changing the trajectory of the lives of the children served by Lunches for Learning.