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Jul 14


About HomeStretch

Established in 1991, HomeStretch of Roswell, Georgia, is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to giving homeless parents and children safe, comfortable surroundings in which to live while helping them address the root causes of homelessness and return to a life of self-reliance and stability. HomeStretch guides clients to reach employment, housing and financial goals by offering support services including financial assistance, literacy classes, vocational training, job readiness skills, transportation assistance, emotional support, and transitional and affordable housing. A comprehensive care plan is developed for each family and addresses goals, support plans, and financial counseling. For more information, or to donate time, money or resources please visit

Sponsoring a HomeStretch Family

HomeStretch strives to end the cycle of homelessness by providing HomeStretch families with safe housing, supportive services and a dedicated team of volunteers for a period of one year to enable families to rebuild their lives. Each year, the Roswell Rotary Club generously contributes toward the cost to serve a HomeStretch family for one year. Roswell Rotary’s financial support helps a homeless family receive a fully furnished apartment with a washer and dryer, all other needed appliances, together with a dedicated social worker, volunteer mentors and a host of supportive services to help the family get back on their feet and into sustainable permanent housing. Currently, HomeStretch provides housing in 22 duplex-style apartments, 3 triplex-style apartments, 3 townhomes and 2 single-family homes. As more families enroll in our program, there is also a great need for more mentors and sponsors—both financially and as part of a team of volunteers. Sponsoring a homeless family is one of the most meaningful investments an organization can make. Each year, families who leave the HomeStretch program qualify for home ownership through Habitat for Humanity or other home-buying opportunities. Moving from homelessness to home ownership could not happen without the help of the teams and the financial support received through caring and generous organizations like Roswell Rotary.

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