Roswell Rotary Club

Thank You From Honduras


Oct 14


These Kids Love Us For What Little We Do

You all know that we support a school in Honduras (Tres De Octubre) by providing a lunch for every one of the 45 children every day for one full year of school. We repeatedly hear from the principal and teacher that the result of this effort accomplishes 3 amazing things:

  1. The kids stay in school until they graduate from elementary school, able to read, write and communicate (30-40% drop out to get food without this effort)
  2. More kids immediately start coming to school because they get a healthy meal each day
  3. Kids learn more, faster because they are now healthy

View Their Thank You Drawings

Honduras Drawings

You will have 2 chances to visit, so mark your calendar:

  1. November 16-19: several of our club members will be traveling to Honduras to celebrate the graduation of our sixth graders from elementary school. Join the team and enjoy the celebration!
  2. In the Spring (March, 2015) we will do another service trip with a team of 10+ to visit several schools and help these schools and communities. It is an amazing time to spend doing good, appreciating the people we serve and enjoying the fellowship with our comrades!

They are just amazing kids! If you want to know more talk to Craig Simons, Lisa Carlisle, Rudy Lind, Kay Love, Don Rolader, Theo Keyserling or Jim Coyle.