Sleeves up on August 27th
Roswell Rotary Blood Drive at Gate City

"I was diagnosed with multiple melanoma 10 years ago," shared past RI District Governor Bob Hagan. "During 9 rounds of chemotherapy, I had to have 8 pints of blood . Friends gave, family gave , Rotarians gave . YOU giving blood saved my life and many others. We must have an ample supply of blood of all different types . I encourage all of us to give blood, it does save lives. We together , make a difference, just like Rotary makes a difference. We save lives."  As if Bob and other Rotarian's stories aren't enough inspiration to donate, Gate City Brewery is offering a "Pint for a Pint," for members, members' employees, friends and family who register for a time to donate blood. Donate a pint of blood, and receive a pint coupon for any Gate City libation.  IF you can't give make a point of asking your friends and family members that can give and join us at Gate City all day on August 27th.

Click here to reserve 60 minutes on Aug 27 to donate. For more information, contact Darrell Bartlett or Hal Schlenger.   Our thanks to Pat Rains and Michael Curling for their current and past help saving lives in our community.

Posted by Darrell Bartlett
July 19, 2021