January 17, 2019 12:15 pm

Hal Coleman

Hal Coleman is a full time SPEAKER, CONSULTANT, TRAINER, COACH, MENTOR and ENTERTAINER. He brings his humorous and provocative presentations that are meant to disorient and dislodge old styles of thinking, clearing the way for NEW GROWTH. Hal’s expert ability in delivering precision information with humor drives the new information and the fresh, counter-intuitive information home into long term memory for lasting change. His laid back, conversational delivery skills, combined with his vast knowledge of Neuromarketing and Psychological Selling, are designed to turn the average marketer and salesperson into lazer sharp, motivated, effective sales producers. Hal’s knowledge of how to unlock the center of the brain that invites change rather than resist change are remarkable, and his mesmerizing delivery make him a much sought after speaker. Hal has been honing his craft of HUMOR over the years earning him (Nov. 2001) induction into The Atlanta Country Music Hall of Fame for both his songwriting and for his characterization (his alter-ego.) as storyteller extraordinaire Milton Crabapple! After turning his one man pest control business into a million dollar enterprise he turned his attention to becoming a coach and trainer, becoming the MENTOR he wished he he’d had when he first started his business.

Rotary Club of Roswell
10495 Woodstock Road
Roswell, GA 30075