April 18, 2019 12:15 pm

Bob Littell - "The Amazing Ripple Effects of NetWeaving and Paying It Forward"

Over his 50 year working career, Bob Littell has worn a number of hats within the insurance and financial services industry, including Marketing Vice President of two insurance companies, as well as owning and running a national insurance brokerage agency. He has served as President or as a Board Member for a number of national as well as local organizations. In 1999, Bob created the concept "NetWeaving" which is closely aligned with the Pay It Forward concept. With permission of Catherine Ryan Hyde, author of the book on which the movie classic was based, NetWeaving is now known globally as the 'business' version of 'pay it forward'. He has authored 3 books on the concept, "Power NetWeaving", "The Heart and Art of NetWeaving", and "Raising Your R&R Factor - How Referable and Recommendable Are You?". His website www.netweavinginternational.com is being redesigned to become a FREE resource for teaching and implementing NetWeaving skill sets and action steps. Bob was the first elected President of the Pay It Forward Foundation and has served on that Board for over 10 years. Bob lives in Big Canoe, Georgia with his wife, Carolyn, and their two dogs, Duchess and Finnigan. Both are very active in the community serving in various roles.

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