Club Service

The ideals of Rotary that are built on the Five Avenues of Service cannot be accomplished without focus and continued improvement in the basic service upon which all others are achieved......Club Service.

This year we undertook additional programs to streamline our operations, fine tune membership recruiting and sustainability, develop interesting and informative programs to keep members engaged, further enhance our awareness in the community, and remove barriers to encourage members to step up to committee and other leadership positions in our club.

This Rotary year saw the launch of an entirely new club website (video link below) and weekly newsletter with attention grabbing graphics and improved communication to our members and the community at large. The Newsletter was completely overhauled to incorporate the new District Standard to ease implementation and to allow increased interaction with our members.

We incorporated more FUN into our meetings informing members of social events using a creative Rotary "Jeopardy" format and highlighting members with a game of "Is It the Truth" hosted by Carnac the Magnificent. In addition to year-end awards, we have a program to recognize member service throughout the year with the "Hammer Awards".

Our programs/speakers this year were centered on a theme of "Making Mentors" providing our members with creative and informative ways to enhance their businesses. Many of these programs were published in regional newspapers with a circulation of nearly 100,000. Additionally, more than 20 other articles appeared in press media as well as numerous social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).


Hammer Awards

Awarding members during the year for service to the community



Roswell Rotary Club

New and Improved, updated, and user friendly Newsletter



Rotary Jeopardy-District Newsletter

Communicating service projecs and other club events using a "Jeopardy" game format

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9.7.18 jeopardy in district newsletter (1).pdf

Who Are Our Members?

President Becky Stone as Carnac the Magnificent uses her powers to answer questions on member personal achievements and background.