BT Tailgate

Blessed Trinity Football Tailgate

Roswell Rotarians tailgated before the Blessed Trinity Football Game. Great fun to watch the soon-to-be State Champions play a great game against their arch rival!


Club Bulletin - Rotascope

Each week, Roswell Rotary publishes the Rotascope to inform its members about upcoming speakers, socials, service projects and community information. This year, the Rotascope also included additional information about our Making Mentors topics, including links to TedTalks, YouTube videos, blogs, books, articles and more. We added information about the charities we support, new member bios and photos from years' past. The Rotascope provides our members an easy way to share information about our club with family, friends and prospective members.


Rotary Jeopardy-District Newsletter

Club Service

The ideals of Rotary that are built on the Five Avenues of Service cannot be accomplished without focus and continued improvement in the basic service upon which all others are achieved......Club Service.

This year we undertook additional programs to streamline our operations, fine tune membership recruiting and sustainability, develop interesting and informative programs to keep members engaged, further enhance our awareness in the community, and remove barriers to encourage members to step up to committee and other leadership positions in our club.


Backpack Drive

Community Charities Support

Roswell Rotary supports our local charities and organizations throughout the year with volunteers, collection drives and donations.

NFCC Backpack Collection - We collect backpacks and school supplies for children supported through North Fulton Community Charities (NFCC). This organization provides food, clothing and other services to needy families and individuals living below the poverty level in the Roswell/North Fulton community. This year we filled 28 backpacks with supplies and club members donated $250 to the effort.


Youth Motivation Day

Elkins Pointe Middle School Youth Motivation Day

Over 40 Roswell Rotarians spoke to the all of the 8th grade classes at Elkins Pointe Middle School in May 2018 and will do so again in May 2019. Rotarians share their careers and advice with the students.


Roswell Neighbor Article

First Responder Recognition

Roswell Rotary started the Rotary year by honoring both the police chief and fire chief and making them honorary members of our club. They attend Roswell Rotary regularly and are recognized at each visit.

At the August 2 meeting, we honored our Roswell police officers, EMTs and firefighters and learned about their service to our community. Roswell Mayor Lori Henry expressed her gratitude to the men and women who strive to keep our city safe. Both Police Chief Rusty Grant and Fire Chief Ricky Burnette spoke to the club. Each Roswell First Responder was recognized with a special certificate of appreciation presented by Senator John Albers or Representative Betty Price, both members of Roswell Rotary.


Roswell Rotary Relays

Inspiring the Next Generation

RRC believes that few missions are more important than supporting our YOUTH.

Leadership skills are strengthened through Leadership 2020, where 80 RHS students participate in a day of workshops and hear an expert leadership speaker at our meeting. We sponsor 10 students to RYLA


Interact - Elkins Pointe Middle School

The Elkins Pointe Middle School Interact Club consists of 18 members, one teacher sponsor, and one Roswell Rotary Liaison. The Club meets twice per month and in the 2018-2019 school year has participated in the following initiatives:

Conducted a "Box Top" campaign
Created posters for and implemented "Red Ribbon Week" to encourage students to take the "no drugs" pledge (more than 1000 students signed the pledge)
Conducted several follow-up activities to reinforce the drug free message
Food drive for North Fulton Community Charities
Coat drive for North Fulton Community Charities
Implement the Be THE Voice campaign


Interact - Fellowship Christian School

The FCS Interact Club is working to grow members and get started this year. They have one Rotary Liaison.


Independence Interact Club Meeting

Interact - Independence High School

The Independence High School Interact Club consists of 30 members, two teacher sponsors, and two Roswell Rotary Liaisons. The Club meets weekly, and during the 2018-2019 school year is participating in the following initiatives:

  • Food drive for North Fulton Community Charities
  • More

Interact - Mimosa Elementary

The Mimosa Elementary Interact Club has one Rotary Liaison and is working to grow its membership.


Library Book Sale Collection

The Friends of Roswell Library have a Used Book Sale each year to raise funds to support the East Roswell Library. This year Roswell Rotary supported this effort by collecting over 1000 books from club members, bringing them to a collection point, then delivering them to the Book Sale the week of the event.


Mentoring Youth

Making Mentors and Entrepreneurs Workshop

Inspired by President Barry Rassin to make Rotary relevant for future generations, RRC developed a series of programs to provide leadership, personal and professional development of its members and inspires them to share what they learned with others. Expert speakers included:


Collection List

NFCC Backpack Collection

Roswell Rotary collects backpacks and school supplies for children supported through North Fulton Community Charities (NFCC). This organization provides food, clothing and other services to needy families and individuals living below the poverty level in the Roswell/North Fulton community. This year we filled 28 backpacks with supplies and club members donated $250 to the effort.


Roswell Neighbor Article

Opioid Awareness Task Force

In 2018 Roswell Rotary joined with the City of Roswell and community leaders in North Fulton, including law enforcement, schools, North Fulton Rotary clubs, medical professionals and business leaders, to raise awareness of the Opioid addiction problem plaguing our community and nation. Roswell Rotarians Dr. Kym Mwansa and Municipal Court Judge Brian Hansford were instrumental in leading this task force.


VEO & Roswell Rotarians

Remembering Those Who Serve

Roswell Rotary honors the men and women who defend of our country and protect our communities.

Veterans Empowerment Organization: VEO’s mission is to enhance the quality of life for homeless veterans on their road to self-sufficiency. We support the VEO with:


RI President Barry Rassin Visit

Roswell Rotary hosted RI President Barry and First Lady Esther Rassin to a full day of events. There are over 33,000 Rotary Clubs in the World. The fact that Barry chose Roswell Rotary as one of the clubs he would visit is a high honor and a tribute to our standing in the world of Rotary.


Scholarships - Power of One

Beginning in the 2018-2019 school year, the Roswell Rotary Club awards one scholarship of $1,500 to a senior at one of the six high schools in the Roswell area under the Power of One scholarship program. Students submit applications which are then reviewed by a committee of Roswell Rotary members. Inspired by Roswell Rotary member Dave McCleary, this Scholarship is awarded to a student based on the individual affecting positive change within the community by using his/her voice, influence, leadership, etc. to make an individual contribution or helping to lead others in making a contribution to the well-being of society. Students who participate in Rotary Interact are given primary consideration.


Scholarships - Tom Zachary

The Roswell Rotary Club awards up to three scholarships of $1,500 each to Roswell High School students under the Tom Zachary scholarship program. Scholarships are awarded to students who complete applications which are then reviewed by a committee of Roswell Rotary members. This committee evaluates each student based on academic achievement, leadership traits, and service to the community. Students who participate in Rotary Interact are given primary consideration.


Veterans Empowerment Organization Support

Roswell Rotary has embraced support for the VEO (Veterans Empowerment Organization) this year as part of our ongoing focus of veteran and military support. The VEO's mission is to enhance the quality of life for homeless veterans on their road to self-sufficiency. This year we:


New Beds

Warming Center

Homelessness is a significant problem even in the most affluent areas of Georgia. On any given night, when temperatures approach freezing, Roswell can have as many as 100 homeless looking for a warm shelter. For more than ten years, North Fulton County has tried to address the problem of providing an ease of entry location in the community, but with little success.


Ball Drop

40th Annual Aubrey Greenway Golf & 6th Annual Hagan Cup

Funding The Engine of Roswell RotarY

The proceeds of this event fuel the engine of RRC charity efforts throughout the year.

The $209K raised funds 40+ local charities. But RRC is not just a check writing club. These charities enjoy tremendous support as RRC members follow the money with their time, talents and passion for putting service above self.


End Human Trafficking Now

Reached 15,000+ Rotarians from all over the world raising awareness through speaking at clubs, attending Rotary District and Zone meetings.



Memorial Day Event

A Day to Remember Those that Served

The Mission: Thousands of people from Roswell and around the State joined the Rotary Club of Roswell and the City of Roswell to honor the men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice


It Takes A Community

Be THE Voice ®

Be THE Voice



9/11 Tribute Ceremony


Helping out of work

RUMC Job Networking Project

The Mission: There is no greater stress on a family than when the breadwinner is out of work. RRC proudly supports the work of Roswell United Methodist Church - Job Networking


Event Awards

Roswell Rotary Relays


Every spring, since 1996

Every spring, since 1996, the Roswell Rotary Club and Roswell High School have sponsored an invitational track meet. The purpose of this sponsorship is to provide a high profile opportunity for high school track & field teams from throughout Georgia to compete against the best in the state. Annually 25 to 30 high schools are represented with both boys and girls teams participating. A full slate of field events are held in the morning session followed by track and relay events in the afternoon. The strong emphasis on relay events builds a spirit of teamwork among the athletes and creates a high energy atmosphere during the daylong event.


Visit To Roswell's School

Honduras - Lunches for Learning Support and Clean Water

RRC upped our international game in the 2018-19 year. The passion of one Rotarian in 2010 has resulted in over 2,500 children being served through Lunches for Learning (L4L). Not just one time, or for one year, but year after year and meal after meal throughout the grade school years. When we started, L4L served 8 small schools. L4L now serves 36 schools.


5:00 am arrival

Honor Air

The Mission: In honor of Veterans of the armed forces who served in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam; Roswell Rotary executed our 8th annual trip to Washington DC to visit each Veteran's respective memorial.


Crabapple Middle School

Progressive Interact

The Mission: Continue to grow and strengthen one of the biggest Interact networks in all of Rotary.

This Year: Roswell Rotary supports 12 Interact Clubs with nearly 300 members. Those clubs serve their schools, the Roswell community and the world. The students elect officers and hold meetings. Regular projects include food-can collections, toy and coat drives and raising money for Polio. But mix in fun as they paint the Youth Day Float and walk the parade route. Interact groups educate their classmates and participate in Roswell Rotary’s International Service Project in Honduras by collecting school supplies.


Laws of Life Winners

Georgia Laws of Life Essay Contest

Our club has been and will continue to be a big supporter of the Georgia Laws of Life Essay Contest. Members of our club have served on the Board of Directors for the Georgia Rotary Districts Character Education Program which governs the contest.

We sponsor two high schools and dedicate one of our meetings to the award winners from Roswell High School and Independence High School. Students read their essays to our club and are presented with their medals during the meeting. There usually isn't a dry eye in the room.


Alara Enjoys Fun on the Farm

GRSP Student Hosting

Roswell Rotary GRSP student, Alara Su Bilgez, of Turkey arrives on August 2 and will attend Kennesaw State University.


Blessed Trinity Interact Club

Interact - Blessed Trinity High School

The Blessed Trinity Interact Club has over 25 members, one teacher sponsor and two Roswell Rotary Liaisons and they meet twice a month. During the 2018-2019 school year, the Club is involved in a number of initiatives, including the following:

  • Ice Cream Social Fundraiser for the Drake House
  • More

Crabapple Middle School Interact Club

Interact - Crabapple Middle School

The Crabapple Middle School has over 25 members, two teacher sponsors and two Roswell Rotary Liaisons. They meet twice per month and during the 2018-2019 school year are participating in the following initiatives:

  • Execution of the Be THE Voice campaign including producing introduction videos
  • More

Hembree Springs Elementary Interact Club

Interact - Hembree Springs Elementary School

The Hembree Springs Elementary Interact Club has 30 members, two teacher sponsors and two Roswell Rotary Liaisons. The Club meets monthly and during the 2018-2019 school year is participating in the following projects:

  • Executed Hands on Hembree Day (school beautification)
  • More

Mountain Park Elementary Interact Club

Interact - Mountain Park Elementary School

The Mountain Park Elementary Interact Club has over 50 members, three teacher sponsors and two Roswell Rotary Liaisons. The Club meets once a month and during the 2018-2019 school year has participated in the following projects:

  • Implementation of the Be THE Voice campaign
  • More

Roswell High School Interact Club

Interact - Roswell High School

The Roswell High School Interact Club has over 55 active members, two teacher sponsors and two Roswell Rotary Liaisons. The Club meets bi-weekly on Wednesdays during the school year. In 2018-2019, the Roswell High School Interact Club is participating in the following initiatives:


Roswell North Elementary Interact Club

Interact - Roswell North Elementary School

The Roswell North Elementary Interact Club will support the Be The Voice Campaign to stop bullying. Students have produced videos for the morning announcements, made posters, and nearly all faculty and staff proudly wear their BTV t-shirts to show support. Bracelets and stickers have been distributed school wide. At the conclusion of all Interact planning and work meetings, Roswell North students recite the 4-Way Test.


Sweet Apple Elementary Interact Club

Interact - Sweet Apple Elementary School

The Sweet Apple Elementary Interact Club has 49 members, one teacher sponsors and two Roswell Rotary Liaisons. The Club meets once per month and in the 2018-2019 school year is participating in the following initiatives:

  • Marked/labeled storm drains in local neighborhood for the City of Roswell
  • More

The Cottage School Interact Club

Interact - The Cottage School

The Cottage School Interact Club has 12 members, one teacher sponsors and one Roswell Rotary Liaison. The Club meets bi-monthly, and officers meet weekly. In the 2018-2019 school year, the Club is participating in the following initiatives:

  • Participated in Q100's Big Thank You by writing letters to soldiers
  • More

North Fulton Rotary

Rotaract Club Sponsorship

RRC is proud to have been one of the two Rotary clubs to sponsor the North Fulton Rotaract Club.

Rotaract Clubs come in two flavors; School based or Young Professional based. Ours is the latter and has grown to a club of nearly 30 members of 20-somethings that already have a heart for service and are willing to put their time and money on the line to prove it.




In 2018-2019, Roswell Rotary will sponsor ten students from three high schools in Roswell to RYLA, paying the full tuition and travel expenses for these students. The students attending RYLA rave about the leadership skills and new friends made during the program.


Teacher/Student Appreciation

Teacher/Student Appreciation

Each month during the school year, Roswell Rotary recognizes a student and teacher in the local community schools who demonstrates leadership and outstanding academic achievements. Each student and teacher is presented to the club at a regular meeting and is provided with a certificate of achievement. Additionally the club awards a Visa gift cards for each student and teacher.


Interactors on the Parade Float

Youth Day Parade

This is one of the most public faces of the Roswell Rotary Club as we sponsor and participate in this city ritual of building floats, lots of music, candy being tossed to the kids and so much more.

It is a chance to support all manner of youth programs in the city as represented by themed floats and signs.


Chance to highlight our charities

Alive In Roswell

In the last 11 years, this Roswell community event has grown from a small gathering on Canton St. to a city wide celebration once per month all during the spring, summer and fall. Canton St. is closed to traffic and drinking laws relaxed to allow folks to stroll the streets and enjoy food, music and exhibits by local businesses and non-profits.


Batter Up

Dream Field

Not only did the club build the Rotary Dream Field so those with special needs would have a place to play, we also volunteer our time. During a "season" of play, volunteers from our club will buddy up with a player to help them get in the game and have a good time.


GRSP Weekend

Roswell Rotary partnered with the North Fulton Rotary Clubs to help host our GRSP students for a fun weekend in Atlanta.


Visiting The US

International Teacher Exchange

To create an ongoing cultural exchange and understanding, Roswell Rotary participates in and financially supports a program of sending a Roswell school teacher to and hosting a school teacher from Pilar, Argentina. This program is the outgrowth of an original student exchange program started by the president of the West Jacksonville, Florida Rotary Club in 1974. The program evolved into a teacher exchange program and was brought to our club by his son, Roswell Rotarian Lee Hollingsworth. After visiting respective school systems and communities for about two weeks, the teachers bring back experiences to their students, faculty, and community. It is also a reward for deserving teachers who are never recognized enough for their contributions to the youth in their communities. The program builds awareness of Rotary in the world community and brings international cultural experiences to those who might normally have the opportunity. This year's teacher, and the 4th to be hosted by our club, was Dario Rosa who teaches history and philosophy at Magno College Secondary School in Pilar. Dario was selected as Teacher of the Year for his District in 2016. This was his very first trip to the U.S. After a lengthy selection process among many applications, Ms. Angelique Hayes, a teacher at Crabapple Middle School in Roswell was chosen to represent our club for two weeks in Pilar, Argentina. Angelique will demonstrate local teaching methods and experiences while observing a variety of educational techniques in both private and public schools in Argentina.


NFCC Toy Drive

NFCC Christmas Toy Drive

Roswell Rotarians collect new toys for the needy in the Roswell/North Fulton community. North Fulton Community Charities (NFCC) provides food, clothing, and other services to the homeless, jobless, and those families and individuals living below the poverty level. More than 350 toys were collected, purchased, and delivered to North Fulton Community charities for distribution to children of all ages.


Roswell Rotary Coat Drive

NFCC Coat Drive

Provide gently used coats to the needy in the greater Roswell Community. North Fulton Community Charities (NFCC) provides food, clothing, and other services to the homeless, jobless, and those families and individuals living below the poverty level. Rotarians initiated a coat drive to collect gently used coats to support the efforts of the NFCC. This year we collected:


2016 Old Soldiers Day Parade

Old Soldiers Day

Purpose: To honor Veterans of all wars


To complete the annual Old Soldiers Day Parade

To enter a truck or float in the parade to raise awareness of Roswell Rotary's commitment to our veterans

To promote the children's activities, entertainment, free candy for the kids attending and free hot dogs and drinks after parade raising Rotary's awareness in the community


Fording the River

Preserve Planet Earth

Roswell Rotarians and family members participated in the 29th Annual Rivers Alive Cleanup on the Chattahoochee River. Rotarians in waders fording the river and in canoes and kayaks floating on the river collected over 800 pounds of trash and debris. Others walked both sides of the river banks and picked up discarded cans, bottles, paper products, and other articles that were washed inward from the fast-paced river flow. All trash collected was loaded into a truck and transported to a recycling area. Rotarians got together afterwards for hamburgers, hotdogs, and beer to talk about the adventure and enjoy some fellowship. The Chattahoochee River provides 70% of the drinking water for the greater Atlanta area. It is therefore paramount that we keep the river as clean as possible and to protect the wild life habitat. Hence, there are literally thousands of people that benefit from this effort. We list only 100 beneficiaries at right to complete the project; as the actual number is impossible to know, but far greater than shown.


RHS Career Day Sponsored by Roswell Rotary

Roswell High School Career Day

More than 10 Roswell Rotarians presented information about their careers to all of the Career and Technical Education classes at Roswell High School. Each Roswell Rotarian shared information about his or her career, including educational requirements, future opportunities and compensation information. The students were given an opportunity to ask questions and make contact with local professionals.


Equipment Unveiling

Roswell High School Construction Program

The Roswell High School (RHS) Construction Program has educated nearly 500 students and is the only construction education program in North Fulton. RRC immediately recognized an opportunity for this program to solve two problems in Roswell: fill the skilled trade gap and provide students with career-ready skills and supported the program.


Roswell Nursing Pageant for Seniors

We will be sponsoring, for the second year, a Roswell Nursing resident in their annual Pageant. Roswell Rotarian Nancy Diamond will be the emcee again this year. We purchase a dress and shoes for the contestant and go over the day of the event to "fluff" her up with makeup, etc. and cheer her on. Then we crown the "Magnolia Queen"!


Scholarships - Don & Barbara Thomas Peace Awards

Don and Barbara Thomas were always strong supporters of the Georgia Rotary Student Program.Through the years they helped entertain Roswell Rotary Club’s GRSP students.Barbara and Don were Will Watt Fellows, Hue Thomas Fellows and Kendall-Weisiger Fellows.



Seniors - Fall Prevention Bingo

In partnership with Senior Services North Fulton, Roswell Rotary Club members hosted a fall prevention bingo at Crabapple Senior Center. Fall prevention bingo is a great way to help seniors learn how to avoid falling while having a great time playing bingo.


Stand Up for Kids

Stand Up for Kids is an organization that focuses on identifying homeless kids who need support and motivation to stay in high school until they graduate. To stay in the program, students have to attend school regularly, maintain a C average, and meet with mentors for guidance, counseling, motivation, and moral support. Roswell Rotarians provide mentorship for this program at Roswell High School, Centennial High School, and Independence High School. Mentors meet with their student twice a month for a one hour lunch at their respective High Schools for the entire school year. At the end of the year, each student's accomplishment is recognized with a celebration party and various awards.


Dinner to End Polio

World Polio Day

Roswell Rotarians met for dinner and drinks at Houck's on Oct. 24. President Becky and Vivian Bankston shared information about Rotary's work to end polio. 15% of the proceeds of food and drink were donated to Polio Plus. $200 was raised to end polio!


A Swing and a Nap

Club Farm Party at Gary Garretts

The reason RRC does so much good in the community and in the world is because we are truly a family of members pulling in the same direction. Part of the secret sauce is making it fun to be a Roswell Rotarian.

Gary Garrett's Fun on the Farm Party has become an annual tradition of the club. Before the beer flows, we bring out the shotguns to kill clay pigeons. Burgers and dogs come off the grill and everybody pitches in to bring lots of tasty side dishes. Some get a little crazy!


Roswell Rotary 4th of July

Fourth of July

Roswell Rotary setup 2 tents, provided drinks and grilled hotdogs and hamburgers and enjoyed time with our Rotary family. A quick storm blew through soaking all of us, but we had a great time and watched spectacular fireworks at Roswell High School. Over 75 Rotarians and their families enjoyed the evening.


Roswell Rotary Recognized by RHS

Roswell High School Family Football Night

Roswell Rotary holds a family night at a Roswell High School football game each year. This year over 20 Rotarians and their families attended dinner before the game provided by Slope's barbeque. Roswell Rotary's support of Roswell High School was included in the Program for that night's game.