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Dale Cardwell

Consumer Investigator Dale Cardwell

Consumer Investigator Dale Cardwell is a six-time Emmy award winning journalist, TV and radio host based in Atlanta. In 2009 he founded TrustDALE, a free on-line research and referral site for consumers. His website certifies companies based on a seven-point investigative standard that Dale developed from 30 plus years of analyzing how consumers got burned. He realized that identifying companies that weren’t engaging in those negative practices would protect consumers proactively. When consumers choose companies certified by the TrustDALE team, they are further protected by the TrustDALE Make It Right Guarantee.

Teaming Up with Clark Howard

In 1996, Dale joined consumer advocate Clark Howard. Together they formed one of the nation’s most successful consumer reporting teams. Clark and Dale won numerous awards for their business reporting and, under Clark’s tutelage, Dale became an expert at recognizing financial scams and determining the components that separate sound financial investments, as well as products and services, from those that are “too good to be true.”

The Make It Right Guarantee

The TrustDALE guarantee is truly unique. Most reputable companies offer some level of guarantee but, at the end of the day – if something goes wrong – the company is still in charge of creating a path for resolution. With the TrustDALE Make It Right Guarantee, every company Dale recommends has signed an agreement that places the TrustDALE organization in charge of determining how a company must remedy a situation. This third party guarantee greatly reduces the time it takes for resolutions to take place and therefore creates significant peace of mind when a consumer must make an important buying decision.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Dale and his wife Angie, a hospice nurse, have two grown children, Adam and Jessica, and make their home in DeKalb County, Georgia.

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Posted by Becky Stone
December 9, 2018


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