Francois Gauthron
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François Gauthron

Francois Gauthron is the author of the new book,"Colors of War, Not Only Black and White, But Nuances of Gray" and a professional tour guide in Normandy. "My own army experience led me to be under U.S. command. Having many officers who were World War II and Korean Veterans was the essence of my knowledge of World War II. Many of these men were my guides when I had the great honor to drive them around Europe. After that stint in the army when I heard so many stories of the Second World War, I began guiding people on tours of the battlefields and other places of interest concerning that war." Francois is a native of Normandy. His mother was 16 when she was liberated by US forces in 1944.

Francois was licensed in 2000 as an official guide and lecturer and has had the opportunity to meet hundreds of veterans. One TripAdvisor reviewer writes, "Francois Gauthron, an acknowledged World WarII expert, is an exceptional guide! He is the premier native guide for the D Day landing on Normandy's beaches and the ensuing battles across France." The stories he heard from his family and from the army officers he chauffeured are the foundation of his book. The book is a compilation of his thirty-plus year interest in and fascination with military history.

Posted by Karen Schwank
December 3, 2018 6:00am


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