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You Have to Fail to Win!

Life is not without its failures, mistakes and regrets. As a first year associate at AGG, I had been asked to draft a document. When the partner reviewed my work, he drew a picture something like this one.

However, in his picture, my arrow went flying off to the side missing the tree entirely! We laughed, but it was clearly a Failure! He then instructed me what I had done wrong and made me redo the work. I was asked to do work I had never done before, many times outside my comfort zone, and do it perfectly because that was the standard at AGG. I learned how to do the work the right way through a series of mistakes and failures. I’ll bet you have too. Our failures may in fact make us great. John Wooden won 11 National Basketball Titles in 12 years, but won no national title for the 16 years prior to the first championship. That’s right,16 years of what he called “preparation.” Michael Jordan missed 9000 shots in his career. Tom Brady threw an interception in this year’s Super Bowl on the first pass play! Taking risks and accepting failure as a requirement of learning is essential to our success.

This week, Mark McGraw, sales coach and owner of Sandler Training, will share ideas on improving the quality of our lives by stepping outside of our comfort zones along with proven strategies to take smart risks. Don’t miss it!

President Becky

P.S. This week we have the opportunity to read to Kindergartners. Reading opens the world to the reader and is a basis for success throughout our lives. Share the joy of reading on Friday or Monday! Sign up for our Read Across America project and receive a free Be THE Voice t-shirt!

READERS: Pick up your Book and T-shirt at Rotary on Thursday!

Posted by Becky Stone
February 24, 2019


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