President's Message

This week, we will celebrate the generosity of Roswell Rotary and the over 30 charities with whom Roswell Rotary contributes to the lives of those in need. Generosity comes in many forms and is proven to improve not only the recipients’ lives but also the lives of the givers. Roswell Rotarians give their time, talents, money and service each year at the Aubrey Greenway Golf and Hagan Cup Classic Tennis Tournaments so that we can IMPACT lives in Roswell and around the world. In addition, Roswell Rotarians are actively engaged in most of the charities with whom we partner to further IMPACT lives and grow their individual passions. Our charity partners help the homeless, feed the hungry, educate our youth, support our seniors and veterans, and so much more. Their generosity in time, talent, money and service INSPIRES all of us as they touch individual lives in so many ways. We can proud of this service to our community and the world.

Please join us Thursday to celebrate this great work!

President Becky

P.S. A special shoutout to Bruce Smith, Stacy Sims, Mindy Jones and all of the volunteers for another great Roswell Rotary Relays! Great food, fun and fellowship! Awesome job!

Posted by Becky Stone
March 21, 2019