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Alara Su Bilgez, GRSP Student

Alara Su Bilgez has enjoyed an amazing year as Roswell's representative in the Georgia Rotary Student Program (G.R.S.P.). Alara won the host parent lottery when she was selected by Gordon & Ashley Owens in January of 2018 as their daughter. Together they have travelled all over the U.S. showing Alara our great country.

Alara was an active participant in our club meetings and the G.R.S.P. conclave weekends throughout the year. As with all of the students, she has made many new friends from around the world. Relationships that will certainly last a lifetime.

During the year, Alara stayed focused on her studies finishing the year with high marks in all of her courses. She balanced her school work with a job in the bookstore and the temptations of all the fun that is being a Roswell Rotarian.

Alara returns home to Turkey on Sunday, May 12, 2019 and will begin an internship with a psychology practice as one of the final requirements for her undergraduate degree. She plans to continue with school to get her masters degree in psychology and would love to help kids with mental issues as she begins her career.

We look forward to hearing all about Alara's adventures as she presents to the club.

Posted by Gordon Owens
April 29, 2019


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