Roswell Rocks!

Having Fun While Serving Roswell & Beyond

Our club is an active part of the Roswell community. We are proud of what we do to make our community a better place while having fun doing it. You can find our imprint on many ongoing projects that support our 2015-2016 Rotary International theme…

Rotary Leadership

Rotary clubs are organized into districts, then zones and ultimately report up to Rotary International. Many of our members have served our district and a few have served at the zone level. We are especially proud of our past district governors:

Cheryl Greenway $nbsp; Bob Hagan
District Governor, 2012-13 District Governor, 2015-16

The Rotary Club of Roswell, Georgia, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Atlanta, was presented its Charter on April 18, 1951 at the Banquet Hall of the High School in Alpharetta, with 84 Rotarians and guests present. William D. Ellis of the Rotary Club of Atlanta and owner of Southern Mills, Inc., was Master of Ceremonies, presiding over the evening’s activities. Our charter was presented by the Honorable Governor Gus Murray

Gifts Presented From Other Clubs:

  • Rotary Club of Atlanta – Rotary Bell and lapel pins presented by Malon Courts
  • Rotary Club of Decatur – Rotary Banner presented by Alton Costely
  • Rotary Club of Warm Springs – the President’s Gavel of wood from a tree owned by Franklin D. Roosevelt, William D. Ellis made this presentation
  • Rotary Club of Austell – a stand and trim
  • Rotary Club of Marietta – American Flag presented by Charlie Clotfelter
  • Rotary Club of Canton – a speaker’s stand

Roswell In 1951

The 1950 census indicated Roswell’s population 2123 and the city limits contained approximately 1000 acres. Telephone numbers were four digits and a call from Roswell to Alpharetta was long distance and a minimum charge of $.10. The minimum wage was $.75 per hour, the cost of a new Ford was $1,480, gasoline was $.27/gallon (including windshield cleaning and checking of oil, tires & coolant by an attendant), a loaf of bread was $.10, milk was $.96/gallon and a three bedroom house was $9,000.

Roswell High School graduated 22 seniors and was located with the Roswell Elementary School on Mimosa Boulevard. Prior to that time, Milton High School was the only high school north of the Chattahoochee River as there was still considerable farming in the area.

Recognized For Doing Good

There is nothing like a little healthy competition, especially when you are competing to best serve your community. Rotary divides clubs into four categories based on size and Roswell Rotary is in Category IV with well over the 100 member benchmark. The clubs in each category compete with each other for the coveted “Club of The Year” banner. Roswell Rotary has made it a tradition to win Club of the Year or runner up for category IV each and every year. Roswell Rotary was even named the “Club of the Decade” for the great work the club did from 2000-2010.

The Fried Chicken Club

The Club met at the “Building under the water tank” in Roswell on Thursdays with fried chicken by Mrs. Bagley and Chestine Pelfrey. This southern food tradition continues today. Meetings were moved to the Community Activity Building in the Roswell Area Park on Woodstock Road as the Club grew.

Parrot Shirts

You can always recognize a Roswell Rotartian by their bright red parrot shirt. These shirts help our club stand out from the crowd and have become a new Roswell Rotary tradition.

1951-52 Geo. D. Ray 1972-73 Donald Tolbert 1993-94 Steven R. Stroud 2014-15 Lou Tabickman
1952-53 Chas Foster, Sr. 1973-74 Dean Childress 1994-95 Jack A. Stephens 2015-16 Jim Coyle
1953-54 Teasley Upshaw 1974-75 John Collins 1995-96 Victor Smith 2016-17 Jeff McCoy
1954-55 Herb Hawkins, Sr. 1975-76 Bruce Farris 1996-97 Don Howard 2017-18 Lisa Carlisle
1955-56 Elwyn Gaissert, Sr. 1976-77 Aubrey Greenway 1997-98 Tom Price 2018-19 Becky Stone
1956-57 Homer Powell 1977-78 Bill Stewman 1998-99 Rick Dreger
1957-58 William Donehoo 1978-79 Archie Lindsey 1999-00 Allen Dalton
1958-59 Roger Thompson 1979-80 Chas. Harmon 2000-01 Bucky Cook
1959-60 A.D. Hammond 1981-82 Wilbur Avera 2001-02 Pat DiGeorge
1960-61 Andy Irvin 1980-81 Frank Brown 2002-03 Alan Motter
1961-62 Lee Callaway 1982-83 Gary Waddell 2003-04 David Young
1962-63 Harold Benson 1983-84 Joe Hopkins 2004-05 Harvey Smith
1963-64 Herbert Hawkins, Jr. 1984-85 Buddy Stamps 2005-06 Cheryl Greenway
1964-65 Jeff McConnell 1985-86 Lew Marshall 2006-07 Ron Redner
1965-66 Jan Hoppe 1986-87 Bill Lewis 2007-08 Gene Beckham
1966-67 Maurice Hilliard, Jr. 1987-88 Trummie Patrick 2008-09 Bob Hagan
1967-68 Walter Eaves 1988-89 Ron Spencer 2009-10 Elwyn Gaissert, II
1968-69 Chas. Hansard 1989-90 Ben Magoon 2010-11 Mike McRay
1969-70 Gene Faircloth 1990-91 Skipper Hoke 2011-12 Dave McCleary
1970-71 Dr. Thomas Conner 1991-92 T.J. Eberhardt 2012-13 Jacque Digieso
1971-72 George Massey 1992-93 Jeff Hamling 2013-14 Dave Schmit

Rotarian Of The Year

1993-94 Allen Dalton 2005-06 Mike McRay 2017-18 Lynne Lindsay
1994-95 Bill Stokes 2006-07 Harvey Smith & Charles Cameron
1995-96 Charles Pettett 2007-08 Bob Hagan
1996-97 Steve Stroud 2008-09 Dave McCleary
1997-98 Gary Garrett 2009-10 Rudy Lind
1998-99 Bucky Cook 2010-11 Elwyn L. Gaissert, II
1999-00 Ron Redner 2011-12 Michael Gould
2000-01 Pat DiGeorge 2012-13 Karen Schwank & Jim Coyle
2001-02 Mark Stone 2013-14 Theo Keyserling
2002-03 Gene Beckham 2014-15 Becky Stone
2003-04 Rick Meer & Eddie Smith 2015-16 Debbie Cwalina & Michael Schoppenhorst
2004-05 Nancy Diamond 2016-17 Jim Coyle

Elwyn L. Gaissert, Sr. - Service Above Self

Taylor Williams 1992 Trummie Patrick 2014 Myron Seagraves

Don Thomas 1993 Bill Stokes 2015 Gene Beckham

William L. Stewman 1994 Skipper Hoke 2016 Dave Young

Monroe “Buddy” Stamps 1997 Tom Mote 2017 Dave McCleary

Brantley Seymour 1998 Tom Price 2018 Eddie Smith
Nat Reiney 1999 Malone Dodson 2019 Patsy Wolff

“Chief” Aubrey Reeves 2000 Tom Campbell
Hal Powell 2001 Phil Mathis
Lew Marshall 2002 Steve Stroud
Archie L. Lindsey 2003 Neal Butterworth
Bill Lewis 2004 Don Howard
Joseph E. Hopkins 2005 Stan Moses
Maurice Hilliard, Jr.
2006 Charles Pettett
Herb Hawkins 2007 Aubrey L. Hawkins
Aubrey Greenway 2008 Patricia DiGeorge
Elwyn Gaisssert, Sr. 2009 Gary Garrett
Lee O. Callaway 2010 Ken Briggs
Frank V. Brown 2011 Jack Stephens
David Bourne 2012 Mickey Deaton
Harold A. Benson 2013 Elwyn Gaissert II