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Supporting Our Community

The Roswell Rotary Club is very pleased to be able to support our community in the service of our members, but also with significant donations of funds raised through our members and supporters. Requests are received and evaluated by a Charity Committee that makes recommendations to the Board of Directors on awards and amounts to fund, from the requests the Club receives on an ongoing basis.

Giving Through Grants

This committee is open to receive applications from any charitable entity for needs that support the club’s service priorities, can demonstrate responsible fiscal management and provide a significant impact on our community and our service environment.
There are now two types of Grants given by the Roswell Rotary Club:

  1. Standard Grant - grants applied for by December 1 and awarded in the spring of the following year to many charitable entities in our community.
  2. Community Impact Project Grant - a single grant awarded prior to the Club’s annual Golf & Tennis Tournament with application due by May 31.  This grant may receive up to one third of the net proceeds of the Tournament.

Charitable Giving Guidelines

All applicants are encouraged to understand the selection criteria as defined in each type of grant application and all applicants are required to submit a complete grant application whether online or offline.

Submit Applications & Reports

Upload A Standard Grant Application (Due 12/1/2022)

Upload A Standard Grant Final Report (Due 9/30/2023)

Upload A Community Impact Project Application (Due 5/31/2023)

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