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March 14, 2023


March is Water and Sanitation Month

3/16 When Different Religions Meet
3/23 Charities We Support
3/30 Spring Interact Program - Michael Schoppenhorst
4/13 Wellstar Behavioral Health Videos Rollout


3/16 New Member Social
3/18 Roswell Rotary Relays
3/21 Rotary Means Business
3/21 RR After Hours Club

Our Rotary Family

3/3 Don Horton
3/4 Tillie O'Neal
3/8 Nancy Tolbert-Yilmaz
3/9 Doug Smith
3/11 Jon-Paul Croom
3/12 Kevin Benscoter
3/13 Amanda Verdin
3/15 Rich Austin
3/16 Mickey Deaton
3/21 Amy Brannen
3/26 Robert Fezza
3/27 Hal Schlenger
3/30 Darrell Bartlett


3/2 Gene Beckham, III (23)
3/4 Ken Briggs (41)
3/5 Mike Prewett (8)
17 years in Rotary
3/7 Amy Brannen (10)
3/7 Terry Taylor (10)
3/7 Michael Sutton (16)
3/7 Bruce Peoples (10)
3/8 John Michael Brunetti (0)
3/9 Jacque Digieso (17)
30 years in Rotary
3/9 Todd Byars (17)
3/9 Syd Mostajabi (14)
3/10 Will Colley (1)
3/10 Angela Medley (1)
3/10 Jeff McCoy (18)
3/10 Vivian Bankston (18)
3/10 Mickey Deaton (18)
3/11 Lynne Lindsay (13)
3/11 Michael Gould (13)
3/11 Lisa Carlisle (13)
3/12 Gordon Owens (12)
3/14 William May (10)
3/14 Jerry Orlans (21)
32 years in Rotary
3/16 Tori Nielsen (1)
3/16 Alicia Hughes (1)
3/16 Scott Morchower (7)
3/17 John Albers (12)
3/17 Brooke Foxman (1)
3/17 Leigh Gould (1)
3/17 Charlie Brown (1)
3/17 John Connell (1)
3/17 Evan Coyle (1)
3/17 Lindsay Davies (1)
3/17 Ashley Doran (1)
3/17 Tori Alterman (1)
2 years in Rotary
3/17 Davonte Hill (1)
3/17 Amanda Verdin (1)
3/17 Doug Smith (1)
3/17 Mitch Stone (1)
3/17 Lee Hollingsworth (14)
22 years in Rotary
3/17 George McFarlin (12)
3/17 Walt Woliver (14)
41 years in Rotary
3/17 Jim Swain (14)
30 years in Rotary
3/17 Danny Tompkins (14)
24 years in Rotary
3/18 Becky Nelson (9)
3/21 Jim Broadway (38)
3/22 Ron Redner (39)
3/24 Dennis Eidson (12)
3/24 Bill Houck (7)
3/25 David Wash (14)
3/28 Bob Clarkson (4)
3/28 Leonard Greski (4)
3/29 Alesia Booth (2)
3/29 Jonathan Crooks (2)
3/30 James Savage (2)
3/30 Belle Prothero (1)
3/30 Rudy Lind (23)
3/30 Carly Kozar (1)

Rotary Online



Thursdays, 12:15 pm
Roswell Area Park
Bill Johnson Community Activity Building
10495 Woodstock Road
Roswell, GA 30075



President John Carruth
President-Elect Alex Kaufman
Immediate PP Terry Taylor
Treasurer Trummie Patrick, III
Secretary Nancy Alterman
Membership Katie Anderson
Foundation Leslie Bassett
Public Image Michael Gould


  • Cheryl Greenway 2012-13
  • Bob Hagan 2015-16


Our membership cares deeply about the needs and concerns of our members. We don’t want to miss an opportunity to reach out in friendship when such concerns arise. The chairperson of this committee is Lynn Dunn and all news should be directed to her at lynn.dunn@rmcpa.com

President John's Message

Meals on Wheels driver… Volunteer reader and tutor in the local elementary schools…  Health care worker…Supporter of education…Service above self…Sounds like an ideal Rotarian doesn’t it.
But no...that was my mother.  Allow me a personal note to say “Thank You” to the many of you who sent words of condolence and prayers our way this past week upon the death of my mother - Margaret Carruth.  My family was blessed to have her in our lives for so many, many years.  
She lived to be 101 and was thinking about others until her last days. Leslie and I were able to see her two weekends before she passed away last week.  Her first question to us was - “Has Maggie had her baby?”  She was looking forward to new life even as hers was winding down.  Thank you Rotary friends!

Christian, Jewish & Muslim Lunch Speakers
Confronting The Fear of Other Religions in Roswell

Changes are Happening as Roswell’s Religious Community Evolves 

Our community thrives with Christians, Jews, Muslims and other religious beliefs. For more than 2 millennium, people have sadly used religious beliefs as the basis for acquiring power even to the extend of bloody war.  The result is Religiophobia. Xenophobia. Islamophobia.  Antisemitism. Even Christophobia.  How can we address these unhealthy fears while maintaining our religious beliefs and traditions?

A minister, a rabbi and an imam walk into a Rotary lunch and....

Rev Kevin Head of the First Baptist Roswell Church, Rabbi Alexandria Shuval-Weiner - Temple Beth Tikvah and Faraz Iqbal representing Roswell Community Masjid speak openly and candidly about why they believe it is important to focus on our similarities rather than our differences.  The outcome will be a stronger Roswell, a strong Atlanta, a stronger Georgia.....and a happier you.

Dr. Kevin Head began serving as Senior Pastor at First Baptist Roswell in March 2016. In 2007, Kevin and his wife, Amy, began a ministry-based counseling practice in the East Cobb/Roswell area.  Kevin is a graduate of Furman University and the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. Kevin and Amy have two grown children, Jenna and Joshua.

Faraz Iqbal has resided in Tucker, GA, with his wife and 4 kids, for the past 16 years.   Involved in various nonprofit initiatives at the local and national levels, Faraz currently services on the board of the Roswell Community Masjid, the ACLU of GA, and the Islamic Speakers Bureau, Atlanta. He has been involved with youth work for over 30 years with a focus on helping youth develop into positive influencers and community leaders. He holds an MBA from Fairfield University, is PMP certified, and is an alumnus of the Leadership Atlanta Class of 2020.  

Rabbi Alexandria Shuval-Weiner, a native Californian, has served as Temple Beth Tikvah senior rabbi since 2015. Presently she is completing her second term as the president of the Atlanta Area Board of Rabbis (the first woman rabbi to hold this position in the ARA). Constantly seeking ways to better live as a human being in sacred relationship with all of creation, Rabbi Alex strives to approach life with radical amazement, guided by the prophetic responsibility toward repairing the breach in the just functioning of the world.  Her time is spent in support of organizations that focus on peace & justice.   She and her husband have five grown children and are blessed with four grandchildren and six fur-grands. 

After Hours Meeting Recap

Last week, After Hours had another great meeting. It was an honor to have Roswell Rotary's own William Lindsey speak to the group on taxes--just in time for tax season. He shared tips on how to save when filing, the difference between standard/itemized deductions, small businesses taxes and so much more. Thank you, William! 

They also welcomed a new member to the club. Welcome, James Lambert! 

The meeting ended with delicious cake to celebrate After Hours' first birthday. Time flies when you're havin' fun! The next RRAH meeting is Tuesday, March 21--same time, same place.

Volunteer Help Needed This Saturday
YO! Roswell Relays is THIS Saturday, March 18th

We have holes in the Sign-up Genius sheet!  Please find your spot.  Both Mindy & Michael have been calling through the directory but if you were not called OR you are new to the Club,

pop into Sign-Up Genius.  We have early morning spots and afternoon spots available:  Click here to Sign up: Roswell Relays Hotlink: 

This the oldest and biggest Track & Field meet in the state of Georgia.  Come to support, watch incredible competition and eat from the spread in the Coaches/Volunteer Hospitality Suite in the RHS Cafeteria. 

Becky Nelson susbeck6061@gmail.com  plus Mindy Jones goldyall@aol.com is coordinating the Coaches Hospitality Suite while Michael Curling michael.curling@gmail.com is coordinating the volunteer positions on the track/field.  

When:  Saturday, March 18th … all day

Where:  Roswell HS Football Field

It's a wonderful chance to volunteer and work with all of these talented high school athletes. The energy is contagious! Hope you will be part of it!

Click here to Sign up: Roswell Relays Hotlink: 

Tuesday, March 21, 6:00pm
Who's Responsible for Revenue Growth? Attend Business Networking with Rotarians (12-club event)

For you, or someone on your staff, grow your business by doing business with Rotarians in an environment that supports “Service Above Self”

For you, or someone on your staff, grow your business by doing business with Rotarians in an environment that supports “Service Above Self”

Bonus: This is also an opportunity for someone you are interested in recruiting to Roswell Rotary.

Tuesday, March 21 from 6:00pm - 8:00pm.   

Location: Eclipse Di Luna,  4505 Ashford Dunwoody Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30346 

For more information, contact  Ken Carter 404-386-3214 ken.carter@floorcoveringsinternational.com or Hal Schlenger 770-335-0077 HSchlenger@GreatSouthBenefits.com

Hump Day, Wednesday, March 22, 5:30pm

Saturday March 25
13th Annual “Sweep the Hooch” River Cleanup


This is a joint event sponsored by the Chattahoochee Riverkeeper and supported through Roswell Rotary, Trout Unlimited, Keep North Fulton Beautiful and several other organizations. In 2022, more than 2,300 volunteers collected almost 60 tons of trash across the Chattahoochee.

We need walkers, waders and floaters to clean up the “Hooch” along Riverside Road, including the trails, the riverbank and possibly the islands.  

To volunteer you must:

  • Advise Dutch Earle, including number in you group/family participating.
  • Sign Up at: https://chattahoochee.org/sweep-the-hooch/ check the Roswell Rotary group and walker or wader. If you can float, check wader and let me know that you will be floating. If the signup is full, let me now and we will open more slots.
  • Participants can park at my house, 9030 Bluffview Trace, Roswell 30076; in the Northcliff subdivision. We will then meet at the guard house, 9 AM and begin our adventure. Please wear old clothes.     We will supply gloves and bags. Also, bring a “grabber” if you have or can buy one, makes picking up the trash easier!

Call me or email me if you can participate and/or have any questions!

Dutch Earle, dutchearle@gmail.com, 770.403.0755

March 27 Blood Drive at Gate City 10:00am-6:00pm
Be Your Brother and Sisters' Keeper. We'll Provide the Beer.

Each of our religions teach that "We are our brothers & sisters' keeper." (Note 1)  Knowing the giving blood saves lives, including patients at Wellstar North Fulton Hospital, and with only about 1 in 3 people able to donate blood (Note 2), here's how everyone reading this article can help:

If you can't give, convince a friend, employer, coworker or family member to schedule an appointment for Monday, March 27.  Be a "keeper" by proxy.

If you can give, be a "keeper" by making an appointment for yourself to roll-up your sleeve.  

On the 27th, you will rest peacefully that evening because you made a difference. You are your brother and sisters' keeper.....with the added reward that you or your friend will be gifted a pint of beer.  

Note 1:  The Bible story of Cain and Abel (Genesis 4:1-13), Cain was so angry and jealous of his brother Abel that he killed him. Afterward, when G-d asked "Where is Abel?" Cain said he didn't know. That's when Cain asked, "Am I my brother's keeper?" But he was really saying, "My brother is not my problem."

Note 2: Blood facts are at https://givingblood.org/about-blood/blood-facts.aspx

Click here to reserve a space March 27th to donate. For more information, contact Jonathan Crooks 770-841-8686, Darrell Bartlett 770-883-7757, or Hal Schlenger 770-335-0077.

As always, we want to thank Pat Rains and Michael Curling for the current and past help saving lives in our community.

Community Impact Project April 13, 5:00 – 7:00 p.m
Roswell Rotary and WellStar North Fulton Hospital

We are celebrating the opening of the Roswell Rotary Family Waiting Room in the Emergency Department which is Phase 3 of the Community Impact Project started by Past President Terry Taylor and completed during President John Carruth’s year. 

Come for a tour of the Roswell Rotary Family Waiting Room in the Emergency Department and fellowship with Rotarians and our partners at WellStar North Fulton. 

You are invited to attend a Celebration Event

April 13, 2023 5:00 – 7:00 p.m.

in the Main Lobby

WellStar North Fulton Hospital, 3000 Hospital Blvd, Roswell, GA 30076

For more information, contact Becky Stone rebecca.stone@stonepc.net and Lori Allen Lori.Allen@wellstar.org 

April 27 - April 30
Party Planning for District Conference in Sandestin, Florida

Party planning is in full swing for our District Conference hospitality suite.  Our numbers are looking good for getting the best suite, but DG George’s Griffin club is making a last minute run to outdo us.  Time to quit procrastinating and sign up.  Suites are about to be assigned.

Join us April 27-30 for District Conference 2023. Make your reservations today!  Click here for Registration and Accommodations 

Save the dates
Be Part of Making Roswell Rotary's Magic.

This is what earns Rotary such a great reputation...and "Club of the Year" recognition. Plan to attend many of these events...and think about bringing a friend or prospective new member. If you believe in Rotary's mission and recognize the value our club brings to our community and our world, then participate -- and share it with others!

Roswell Rotary Relays 

Add To Calendar  March 18, 2023 7:30 am— 6:00 pm           

Rotary-style Business Networking - Rotary Means Business

Add To Calendar  March 21, 2023 6:00 pm - 8:00pm

Hump Day at Rockin' Taco

Add To Calendar  Wednesday, March 22, 2023 5:30 pm - 7:00pm

Roswell District Training Assembly 

Add To Calendar   March 25, 2023

Roswell Sweep the Hooch   

Add To Calendar  March 25, 2023 8:00 am— 12:00 pm

RRC Scholarship Team Submission Review

Add To Calendar  March 25, 2023 9:30 am— 12:00 pm

Roswell Blood Drive at Gate City Brewery

Add To Calendar  March 27, 2023 10:00am - 6:00pm

After Hours April Fools Comedy Fest 

 Add To Calendar  April 1, 2023       

Community Impact Project: Wellstar North Fulton
Add To Calendar April 13, 2023, 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

District Conference

Add To Calendar April 27-30 San Destin FL

Rotary Last Week