Jackson, Mississippi Water Delivery

When flooding in Jackson, Mississippi wiped out their water treatment plant and threw a city into turmoil, many groups throughout the southeast responded with aid. Past President Allen Dalton asked if Roswell Rotary could send water to help in this crisis. Raising money from individuals in the club, Allen was prepared to take a supply of water himself.

Contact was made with both the Rotary Clubs of Jackson and North Jackson, MS to coordinate the best place to deliver water. Enough money was raised to purchase a full semi-trailer of water. Working with the Georgia Motor Trucking Association which donated a truck, fuel and driver, Roswell Rotary coordinated the delivery of a semi load on Oct. 15 to Jackson which was received by the two Jackson clubs and distributed through the local city school system to families and students in need. President John Carruth was in Mississippi on personal business and went to Jackson to meet the truck load and the representatives from the two Jackson clubs.

The contacts established between Hershel Evan of the Georgia Motor Trucking Association, Don Roberts with the North Jackson Rotary Club and Paul Bowers with the Jackson Rotary Club led to additional deliveries from other groups in Georgia to those in need in Jackson.