March 27 Blood Drive at Gate City 10:00am-6:00pm
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"I have never donated my blood," shared prospective member Greg Roth.   

"More than thirty years ago I had a minor virus.  The doctor told me that I could never give blood so I never did nor did I ever research why not.  After signing up to volunteer at our blood drive at Gate City Brewery I decided to finally research why I couldn't give blood.  After contacting the Red Cross I learned that I can, in fact, donate my blood.  That made my day! 

Blood is needed every day of the year.  There is no substitute for blood.  Donors provide the only supply of life-saving blood for those in need.

I plan on making up for lost time and will donate my blood at every Roswell Rotary Club Blood Drive in the future."  

Please join me -- or have a friend or coworker join me in this lifesaving effort.  Click here to reserve a space March 27th to donate at Gate City Brewery.

For more information, contact Jonathan Crooks 770-841-8686, Darrell Bartlett 770-883-7757, Greg Roth 346-287-4990   or Hal Schlenger 770-335-0077.

As always, we want to thank Pat Rains and Michael Curling for the current and past help saving lives in our community.

Posted by Hal Schlenger
March 21, 2023


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