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January 5, 2021


January is Vocational Service Month

1/7 Peter Stoddard, Lewis Gizzard Author
1/14 Phil McKinley, Former NFL Referee
1/21 Zack Fields,VP Construction Edu. Foundation
1/28 RHS Football Banquet - Col Michael Steele


1/24 Blessings In A Backpack


President Lynne Lindsay
President-Elect Terry Taylor
Immediate PP Gordon Owens
Treasurer Gordon Owens
Treasurer Alex Kaufman
Secretary John Carruth
Membership Mike Agurkis
Foundation Don Horton
Public Image Lee Patrick, III
Service Nancy Alterman


Cheryl Greenway 2012-13
Bob Hagan 2015-16


Thursdays, 12:15 pm
Holiday Inn
909 Holcomb Bridge Road
Roswell, GA 30076

Rotary Online




To: 41411

Our Rotary Family

1/1 Ken Briggs
1/1 Andrew Dalby
1/1 Ron Redner
1/4 Jere Wood
1/7 Jeff Hamling
1/7 Trummie Patrick
1/10 Chris Good
1/12 Bruce Peoples
1/13 Michael Nielsen
1/21 Gary Garrett
1/23 Kurt Hilbert
1/24 Jim Sturm
1/24 Kay Howell
1/25 David Bourne
1/27 Joseph Kincaid
1/30 William May
1/31 John Reddick
1/31 Blake Turner


1/3 Carleton Ohly (1)
1/3 Tina Houck (1)
1/4 Paul Lang (31)
1/4 Dick Zorn (31)
1/5 William Noethling, Jr. (4)
1/5 Kathryn Igou (4)
1/11 Ken Davis (14)
1/11 Sean Nickerson (8)
1/12 Jere Wood (3)
23 years in Rotary
1/15 Karen Pilcher (6)
15 years in Rotary
1/16 Michael Nielsen (24)
1/16 Kym Mwansa (7)
1/19 Susan Rumble (10)
1/20 Joseph Kincaid (16)
1/23 Jack Stephens (35)
1/24 Andy Williams (2)
6 years in Rotary
1/28 Kevin Suchecki (5)
1/28 Chris Good (5)
1/30 Charles Pettett (46)
1/30 Mindy Jones (24)
1/31 James Gray (23)
32 years in Rotary
1/31 A.D. Dalton (36)


Our membership cares deeply about the needs and concerns of our members. We don’t want to miss an opportunity to reach out in friendship when such concerns arise. The chairperson of this committee is Lynn Dunn and all news should be directed to her at lynn.dunn@rmcpa.com

President's Message
Happy New Year

As tempting as it is, with all the out with 2020 & here comes 2021, I don’t want to lead with this meme – and while resolutions and goals are fantastic and fun, they aren’t the secret of our success. I think, rather, that life is a continuous journey and success comes from personal habits and daily persistence rather than lofty goals.

No doubt 2020 was challenging.  However, Roswell Rotary embraced it as a year of opportunity.  We should be proud of our many successes. 

1.  Our Golf & Tennis Tournament earned $140,910!   Thanks to your hard work and generous giving.

2.  Sponsored Wellstar Zero Suicide Initiative training 124 health care providers to care for patients identified at suicide risk.  This was funded through our winning a competitive district grant.

3.  Partnering with the Milton Rotary Club with another district grant, providing $3000 to Jacob's Ladder to support their Taste of Love Learning Kitchen through the purchase of a new commercial oven.

4.  Successfully hosting 2 Blood Drives collecting 43 pints.  A 3rd is planned for Feb. 2021.

5.  Honoring our Law Enforcement, First Responders, Fire & Rescue and 911 officers with our 1st Drive Thru Cookout.  Over 200 were served!

6. Landscaping the Heart of Roswell Park, one of the most visited parks in our city. 

7.  Shipping 100 care packages to local deployed sailors through our Adopt A Platoon program.  

8.  Hosting Pints for Polio at Gate City and Variant in support of End Polio Now.  

9. Supporting our Seniors with a new Meals on Wheels program.  Our volunteers cover 2 days per month and have requested additional dates.  

10. Collections for NFCC Coat Drive totaled 85 coats, 30 accessories and $495 in donations.

11. Donated 54 backpacks  and $625 in supplies for NFCC Backpack Drive.

12. Generously supported Foster Care Support with 3 separate drop offs due to the volume of clothing and toys. 

13.  Cleaning the Chattahoochee River collecting hundreds of pounds of trash.

14.  Supported The Drake House with a budget coach and providing a holiday dinner.

14.  Wrapped and delivered gifts supporting 24 families working with  Roswell Police "GIVES".

15.  Holding fun social events through Hump Days, Gary Garrett's Farm and Honor Air Sharp Shooters Gun Fundamental Training events. 

16.  Sponsoring six interact clubs and including them in club projects.

17. Throw Back Thursday video's provide club history and good a laugh.

18.  Recognized 28 new Paul Harris Fellows and a major donor. 

19.  Hosted our first Virtual Career Day at Roswell High School. 

20.  Media coverage in local newspapers and our District Newsletter.


 2021 holds some great opportunities. 

1.  Roswell High School has given the "green light" for Roswell Relays, March 20th!

2.  Spring Fling/Holiday/Anniversary Party - all in one - April 10th.  Roswell Historic Cottage.

3.  Honor Air Road Trip to Ft. Benning and Infinitary Museum - May 11th.  

4.  70th Anniversary Celebration Meeting - April 22.

5.  Laws of Life and RYLA are both slated to return in April and June.  

6.  DISTRICT CONFERENCE at DESTIN  - April 29th - May 2nd.   You will not want to miss it!

Remember to share our good news with friends.  That's our best source of membership.  Continue your giving to the foundation.  It comes back to us in so many ways.  And above all, continue to do what  you love.  Move forward each day with the habits of success and we will fly right past all those resolutions!

Happy New Year!

This Week's Speaker
Peter Stoddard on Author Lewis Grizzard

Peter Stoddard is thrilled to be a new Rotarian, having joined E-Club of the South in September. He has been writing and speaking in public his entire career. Only recently did he begin to do it for a living. He grew up in Sandy Springs, GA and earned a BBA Marketing degree from the University of Georgia. A PR and events career starting in Atlanta with Lanier Business Products and Siemens took him to Chicago in 1984. In 2001 he transitioned to resort real estate on the Redneck Riviera in Seagrove Beach Florida. Peter returned to his Georgia roots in 2016 and now lives in Cumming.

In November 2018 Peter started looking into the legacy of his favorite columnist, Lewis Grizzard. He met famous people with amazing Grizzard stories to tell that the world had never heard. In late 2019 Peter began telling those stories to every Rotary Club and interested group who will listen. By dumb luck Peter became arguably the world's foremost expert on Lewis Grizzard, a man he never met.

In 2019 Peter published his first book, Lewis Grizzard: The Dawg That Did Not Hunt. In 2020 he produced a 1981 Grizzard 90+ minute humor CD with a hilarious intro by UGA legend Loran Smith. 

Thursdays, 11:45 - 1:15 PM | Holiday Inn
Meeting Protocol Virtual and In-Person

You can participate either way.

1)  Join us at the Holiday Inn.   We continue to expand our space as we have requested additional tables be added with fewer seats per table.  We will be using all three ballrooms.   The Holiday Inn is located behind the Olive Garden at 909 Holcomb Bridge Rd, Roswell, GA 30076.

2)  Join us virtually at 12:15pm by computer, tablet or phone via CLICKING/TAPPING THIS LINK.   THIS IS A NEW ZOOM LINK.  If you are asked, the password is Roswell.  

Sunday, Jan. 24th/ 2:00PM-4:00PM
Blessings In a Backpack

Blessings in a Backpack  feeds school children in the United States who currently are fed during the week on the federally funded Free and Reduced Meal Program and are at risk of going hungry on the weekends. Its mission is to mobilize communities, individuals, and resources to provide food on the weekends for elementary school children across America who might otherwise go hungry.  

Sunday, Jan 24th we will pack 200 food bags for kids in North Fulton County.  These bags will go home with the kids the following Friday.  

Please check with Pres. Lynne at lynnehlindsay@outlook.com to sign up.   

Online Training Sessions
Judges Needed For Laws of Life

Laws of Life is moving to an online submission and judging platform.   With this change, even more volunteers throughout the state can participate!

Online training sessions for judges on how to navigate will begin in January. The judging process begins in February.

Please contact Vivian Bankston @ vbankston@hotmail.com or 770-309-5676 OR you may complete the application by clicking here.  

Charity Spotlight
Huskies Helping Huskies


To ensure academic success for all Crabapple Middle School students by supplementing nutrition, providing school supplies, and enriching lives during the middle school years while preparing them for future challenges.

Fast Facts:

• Founded in 2016

• Huskies Helping Huskies provides daily snacks and weekend meals to 30-40 Crabapple Middle School students.

• Huskies Helping Huskies partners with the national organization Blessings in a Backpack that ensures that each student has sustainable food each and every weekend of the school year.

• 100% of money raised to fund a school goes directly to feeding the children.

• Blessings in a Backpack has partnered to develop a multi-year national evaluation project that measures program impact. In the first year, the program reported the following impacts:

    o 59% find it is easier to learn at school.

    o 60% do not get in trouble as much.

    o 78% feel cared for by their community.

    o 71% feel they are helping their family.

    o 60% report that their school attendance is better

Find out more:


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