Honduras-Lunches for Learning Latrine Project & School Support

Lunches for Learning is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Their mission is to break the cycle of poverty in rural Honduras by providing a healthy lunch to school children every school day at their school; thereby allowing these children to stay in school so they can complete their education and enter the workforce as literate individuals. The passion of one Rotarian in 2010 has resulted in over 2,500 children being served through Lunches for Learning (L4L). Not just one time, or for one year, but year after year and meal after meal throughout the grade school years. When we started, L4L served 8 small schools. L4L now serves 46 schools.

This year, 8 RRC members serve on the L4L board. Our club directly sponsored the meals of one large school. Private and recurring family donations by RRC members have sponsored 6 more schools. RRC members follow their dollars with hundreds of volunteer hours to serve humanity throughout the world.

Covid took a toll on this Honduras. But starting in February, LOL will be implementing a plan to begin delivering food to the kids in the L4L program.

The kids still won't be allowed to attend school yet, which means lunch at school is not an option, so they have changed their tactics. Kids in the L4L program will begin receiving food packages for meals to be prepared at home. .

In support of this on Sunday, February 14th is our Hearts For Honduras Event Virtual Wine Tasting raising additional funds while answering the challenge to show "Rotary Has Heart" .We are in our 9th year sponsoring this event. All proceeds are donated to Lunches For Learning.

Latrine Project: The latrines at 3 de Octubre school in the community of Sabana Redonda in Honduras needed to be replaced. The school is located in a remote and mountainous area in Southern Honduras. The latrines had no doors, were very old, and were no longer functioning. Roswell Rotary funded the materials and supplies for the new latrines; Lunches For Learning provided the project oversight; and community members volunteered the labor for the project. The project was initially delayed because the road to the Sabana Redonda community was impassable due to heavy rains received through the rainy season and additional rain from two hurricanes in November 2020. 3 de Octubre is one of 46 schools supported by the Lunches for Learning program. Roswell Rotary funded $2000 for this project. This project has been in the works for six years. In the hardest of times, the latrines are complete thanks to the dedication of this community and our financial support.

Partner Involvement
Lunches For Learning runs the meals program for schools in Honduras and coordinates trips for sponsors to attend graduation