Moderna Vaccine Distribution

Moderna Vaccine Administration - Rotarian Amy Brannen secured 50 doses of the Moderna vaccine that was administered Sunday Jan 24th to club members and spouses 65 and older. What a blessing! The second dose was given Feb. 21st. We are so fortunate to have club members who go out of their way to help others.

"Thank you Amy! I really appreciate the effort you have made to offer these vaccines to members of our club." . Chris Nelson

"That is WONDERFUL news!" David Bourne

"The time for your vaccination is 3:30.Our address is 648 Mimosa Boulevard. There is NO PARKING available in our office lot. Please park in spaces on the square, on the street (Mimosa) or in the parking lot across from our office at Jeff Scroggin’s office.

We will schedule the 2nd dosage of the vaccination for 4 weeks from Sunday, February 21, 2021.We will send out a reminder prior to that date with your specific time."