Be THE Voice ®

Be THE Voice® was born in the Roswell Rotary club in 2014 as a character building initiative using real life experiences to help students understand the power of the Bystander. Initially launched in 8 area schools by RRC Interact clubs, BTV has grown to 47 schools statewide. BTV is up 135% over last year and now serves over 73,000 students.

RRC is the single largest funder of BTV and leverages the club's robust Interact program to implement BTV across elementary, middle and high schools in Roswell. 2 other clubs in the district have followed this Interact model, 5 additional clubs directly sponsor the program and BTV is in 4 more schools thanks to Rotary related sponsorships.

Be THE Voice® is centered around short videos that feature celebrities, athletes, and students sharing personal stories or advice to empower the normally silent bystander to impact change. Be THE Voice® is a unique bystander empowerment initiative in that it is:

  • Peer led
  • Video based
  • Viewed and promoted weekly
  • Implemented for 6 months
  • Empowers the student bystander to make a difference when witnessing a bullying situation
Students want to help their classmates, they just don’t know HOW. The personal skills & techniques they learn through our campaign empowers them to make a difference in a safe & non-confrontational way.

Watch the video to see first hand the impact Be THE Voice® is having in schools.