French Peace Delegation

The French “Peace” delegation visited Bulloch Hall in Roswell as the final stop on a day-long Georgia tour that includes Warm Springs, Stone Mountain and a reception from the mayor and city of LaGrange. They are here to explore establishing their own, permanent “Peace institute” within the broader Peace park efforts, and this visit is meant to include and raise Roswell’s (and Bulloch’s) international presence and influence, and leverage on the French people’s high esteem of the Roosevelt family, especially Eleanor, Mittie Bulloch’s granddaughter.

French Visitors
Roland Giscard D’Estaing, Nephew of former French President Giscard d’Estaing and Son of Olivier Giscard d’Estaing, founder of INSEAD World Business School

Nathalie Kesler, Founder of Pangee O.N.G, Citoyenne Mondiale, Promoting World Citizens for Peace Initiatives worldwide

Yves Angelloz, Founder of Jeux Mondiaux de la Paix, World Games for Peace

Gamal Hussein, Egyptian Embassy to France Special Envoy, financial adviser for French Peace initiatives

South Korea
Dr. Shin Dae-yong, founder of the Shin Dae-yong Global Peace Institute. Major donor to Cook Peace Park.

Rodney Cook, Jr., builder of Rodney Cook Sr. Park (in honor of his late father – dedicated public servant and community builder, an advocate for peace and integration during some of Atlanta’s most turbulent history). Rodney is also president of National Monuments Foundation and Millennium Gate Museum.

Gaurav Kumar, Director, Ambassador Andrew Young Foundation. Kumar has been involved from the inception of the Cook Peace Park. He has also helped to lead the negotiations with the Nobel institutions in Oslo, Stockholm and Rome.