Hurricane Dorian Relief Supply Collection

Over the years our club has done projects with partnering clubs in the Bahamas so when Hurricane Dorian devastated the islands our club went into action. We collected 9 pallets worth of food, water, first aid, personal hygiene, clothes, shelter and tools. Our friends at FODAC were a huge help in arranging the logistics for collections and transport to the Bahamas.

In addition to supplies, our club collected $2500 in donations that allowed us to cover all the costs associated with shipping the supplies. This became a community effort as our local breweries helped us promote the supply collection, Roswell United Methodist Church let us set up for collection in their parking lot, and one members church donated $1000 because they trusted Rotary could get help to those in need.

Our 9 pallets combined with additional supplies from FODAC filled an entire 18 wheeler that made its way to Florida and ultimately to Rotarians in the Bahamas for distribution to those in need.
Partner Involvement
FODAC helped us by lending their trailer for supply collection and coordinating the logistics of getting supplies from North Fulton County to those in need in the Bahamas.