Breaking The Cycle Of Poverty In Honduras

The passion of one Rotarian in 2010 has resulted in over 2,500 children being served through Lunches for Learning (L4L). Not just one time, or for one year, but year after year and meal after meal throughout the grade school years. When we started, L4L served 8 small schools. L4L now serves 46 schools.

This year, 8 RRC members serve on the L4L board. Our club directly sponsored the meals of one large school. But 6 more private and recurring family donations by RRC members have sponsored 6 more schools. RRC members follow their dollars with hundreds of volunteer hours to serve humanity throughout the world.

RRC hosted several trips of Rotarians and others to attend graduation ceremonies of kids that would have dropped out early were it not for the efforts and funding from our members. Over 25 members of our club have now visited Honduras.

RRC is in our 9th year of sponsoring a school so that kids receive the nutrition and education they need for a successful future.

Our February Hearts For Honduras Event raises additional funds while answering the challenge to show "Rotary Has Heart". We are in our 6th year sponsoring this event.

In addition to supporting Lunches For Learning, our club uses Global Grants from Rotary International to build wells and establish water authorities in the communities where we sponsor schools. We are pending approval for a $32,000 global grant for the next water project in Honduras.
Partner Involvement
Lunches For Learning runs the meals program for schools in Honduras and coordinates trips for sponsors to attend graduation