Alive In Roswell

In the last 11 years, this Roswell community event has grown from a small gathering on Canton St. to a city wide celebration once per month all during the spring, summer and fall. Canton St. is closed to traffic and drinking laws relaxed to allow folks to stroll the streets and enjoy food, music and exhibits by local businesses and non-profits.

All this to tell you that Roswell Rotary recognizes Alive-In-Roswell to be a terrific forum for letting the citizens of Roswell know that we exist, that we do great work in the community and that they may want to come visit and get involved.

We pitch our Roswell Rotary tents, serve some cool beverages, grill burgers and hot dogs, and have lots of literature and invite our committees to join with us and promote club service projects. We provide a QR code for the public to click on and go to our website. This year we enjoyed sliders provided by Big Oak Tavern in August and October.