Honor Air Flight

The Mission: In honor of Veterans of the armed forces who served in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam; Roswell Rotary is planning its 12th trip to Washington DC to visit each Veteran's respective memorial. At this date, our permit is held up in the Park Service bureaucracy.

What's It Take? Funds raised entirely by Roswell Rotarians and the Honor Air High School Basketball Tournament independent of the money raised from our annual golf and tennis tournament. Bus transportation with honor guard escorts the vets to the airport where they board a chartered flight to DC. All meals, wheelchairs, and other needs including the presence of EMT are provided to ensure the comfort and safety of all Veterans.

Partners: Roswell Police and the Patriot Motorcycle Guard lead the buses beneath fire truck crossed ladders, past cheering Rotarians, clearing traffic all the way to the Atlanta airport.

The Experience: Veterans receive a heroes welcome in DC as their plane passes under water cannons and they are greeted by cheering of members of the USO with music, banners, salutes, and handshakes from passengers in the airport.

After visiting all War Memorials, we visit the Changing for Guard ceremony at Arlington. Buses arrive back in Roswell at 10pm to a cheering crowd. About 30 Vets with guardians and EMTs for 55 on the bus and jet. PR coverage for this trip includes local newspapers, TV news broadcasting, radio, and social media. PR coverage reaches tens of thousands in the Metro Atlanta area.

Partner Involvement
City of Roswell - Fire and Police Departments