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So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur!

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To be honest, I never thought I would be an entrepreneur. I enjoyed working in corporate America and for a big law firm, but when the opportunity to open my own law firm presented itself, I took it! Being an entrepreneur allowed me to make my own decisions on work-life balance. I was home to greet Mitch when he got home from school (and, of course chauffeur him where he wanted to go), which was important to us, and practice law and serve my clients which I enjoy. And, I like my boss! We agree on everything, which makes it great! That said, being an entrepreneur is hard work. I answer the phone, do the accounting, pay the bills, send the bills, bring in new clients, work hard to keep the ones I have and do the actual legal work. It’s a challenge to do it all!

Small entrepreneurial businesses are the core of America—including Roswell. For Roswell (and America) to succeed we need to energize and encourage people to start, sustain and grow small businesses, which is exactly the purpose of the Entrepreneurs Workshop! Our friend, Hal Coleman, has generously donated his time and talent to Roswell Rotary and our community by conducting a six-week Entrepreneurs Workshop starting on Feb. 7. Our friend, Mike Prewett, has generously donated his office to host the workshop. So, all of the proceeds from the workshop will go to end polio! Think about who among your family, friends, employees and co-workers might benefit from Hal’s expertise and sign them up! Helping people succeed and doing good in the world—well that’s what Roswell Rotary is all about!

This week, Hal Coleman will engage and entertain us with stories about entrepreneurship! Also on Thursday, you will get the chance to meeting some budding entrepreneurs from Roswell High School’s Robotics Team! These students are working on exciting and innovative technologies. Come see what they are doing and enjoy Hal’s one-of-a-kind humor!

President Becky

Posted by Becky Stone
February 7, 2019