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Roswell High School Construction

Roswell High School Construction


To provide quality education to high school students focusing on closing the skills gap and empowering students to succeed in life after high school by fostering creativity and problem solving through the designing and building of projects.

Fast Facts:

  • Founded during the 2013-2014 Academic Year.
  • The gap in skilled workers has been identified as one of the significant risks to the construction industry today.
  • Since its inception, the program has given hundreds of students the opportunity to experience firsthand working in the construction industry.
  • The program engages construction industry veterans and plants the seed for students to choose construction careers, before and after college.
  • Feeder programs have been established at the elementary and middle school levels, including Roswell North Elementary, Mimosa Elementary, Elkins Pointe Middle School and Crabapple Middle School.
  • The RHS Construction Program is preparing “at risk” youth for jobs in “gap” areas with an expectation of real out-of-high school employment.
  • The program gives “at risk” students a reason to stay in school and hope for their future.

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Posted by Rich Dippolito
March 14, 2019


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