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Connecting To Our Club's Traditions

Elwyn Gaissert, II 2009-10

As the son of one of our founding members, Elwyn will share his unique perspective on how our club got started.

Maurice Hilliard, Jr., 1966-67

Maurice was around when the club started serving fried chicken every week, this long standing tradition is know around the Rotary world.

Cheryl Greenway, 2005-06

Cheryl's dad Aubrey started the golf tournament which has grown into our golf, tennis & afterparty fundraisers.

Bucky Cook, 2000-01

Why does a club from Roswell, GA have a parrot shirt? Bucky will tell us why we wear our obnoxious red parrot shirts with pride.

Posted by Melissa Weaver
July 22, 2019


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