How You Can Help

Many of you have reached out to me with offers to volunteer and to see how you can help serve others in this time of need. Here are a few ways that I am aware of to support the community:

  • DONATE - our club has setup a fund to get money in the hands of the organizations on the front lines of this fight
  • Used Laptops Needed - Every Women Works is looking for used laptops to continue training classes remotely. Contact Nancy Alterman.
  • SUPPORT THE ARTS - Georgia Ensemble Theatre is looking for donations or gift card purchases to help get them through this tough time.
  • PAY DUES - visit our club website, login and see if you have an outstanding balance (check in the header, next to the search box), click on the balance and then click the pay button to pay online. If you can't figure this out, call Alicia at (678) 283-7098
Posted by Gordon Owens
March 24, 2020


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