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Welcome New Member: Joe Gillespie

Joe's a Sneakerhead. Has known his wife since grammar school!

Schools attended  University of Notre Dame (Go Irish!)

Major  Graduated January of 2003 with a bachelor’s degree in accounting

Where we live and have lived   My family and I have resided in Roswell for a little over six years. My wife and I grew up in Niles, MI.  

Spouse  I have been married to my lovely wife, Sara, for 10 years. Sara attended Saint Mary’s College.

Kids and ages  We have two elementary age children, a son (10) and daughter (8). 

Why I joined Roswell Rotary Because it is a great organization of individuals who work to help our community and world become a better place. The Roswell Rotary is an exceptional organization to belong to and continue our service to build a strong community.

Other involvement in community  I have always had an interest in helping less fortunate families and children.  It is important to me to help continue to foster growth within the community as well as make a positive impact on our world with a group of unique dedicated individuals. It is also important that I set a strong example for my children and their friends, providing service to create positive lasting change. My wife and I make a point to serve in the ways we can based on our schedules. We have donated our time to various charity events including the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation ,the Masons 24 golf outing, Roswell Youth Lacrosse program and our children's school’s PTA. We also sponsor a family annually through the Salvation Army Angel Tree program. 

Career I began my career with the Chicago, IL location of a California based field examination firm that provided field exams to banks and finance companies in the asset-based lending industry. Within four years I was promoted to Regional Exam Manager and moved to Atlanta, GA to open the Southeast office spending 12 years as the Atlanta Regional Exam Manager. During this time, I developed a market in the region and grew the office from one employee in Atlanta, to six examiners in the Southeast. At the beginning of 2019 I started a field examination firm (Top Tier Examinations Services) that services the asset-based lending industry. Our clients consist of banks and financial institutions locally, nationally, and internationally. Currently we have approximately 12 employees located in nine different states.

Interesting Facts Two interesting facts about me are that my wife and I have known each other since we were eight years old (there may or may not be a picture of us roller skating when we were 8 or 9). Also, I am a bit of a sneakerhead, so if you see me outside of work attire, you are likely to see a pair of Jordans on my feet (weather permitting of course).

Posted by Katie Anderson
September 27, 2022


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