President John’s Message

We are in the season of Thanksgiving (contrary to what the retailers tell us) and I am thankful to all those who make the Rotary Club of Roswell the Best Club!  I am thankful for all of you who are called to serve others here in our community and around the world with your ideas, time, talents, and resources. 

I am thankful for those who see a need and don’t wait for others to lead the way - to stop bullying, to end human trafficking, to bring clean drinking water to those who have never had it, to feed students so that they can get an education, to take water to those suffering disaster, to help young girls stay in school each month.

I am thankful for those who do the things behind the scenes - to setup for our meetings, to organize our fundraisers, to support our students and their activities, to prepare our food, to implement our service projects, to plan our events, to honor our first responders and veterans.

Veterans Day last week reminds us to be thankful for those who served and those who continue to serve to protect our freedoms and our great way of life.  This week we will continue to honor those who served as we hear from retired Command Sergeant Major Savita Dyer. 

Thank you, Roswell Rotary !!

Posted by Hal Schlenger
November 15, 2022


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