Friday, Jan 27 Blood drive
If not you, who? Who will Represent You at our Pint for a Pint drive

We are taught, whether you are Christian, Hindi, Jewish, Muslim or another sect, that we have to help each other.  Sometimes you can be the helper; sometimes you are the ‘helpee.’   Rotarians including Jonathan Crook, Bob Hagan and Karen Schwank will confirm that as much as they are model helpers, there are times when being a helpee is far, far better than trying to do something on your own.

Each of us reading these words could be a helpee, or could have a spouse, close friend, parent or even an adult child be a helpee.  Imagine what could have happened to Jonathan, Bob and Karen had blood not been available.  How would that impact you and the rest of our community?

With the relatively simple task of donating a pint of blood, you will make a difference to a helpee.   Michael Curling celebrated donating his 100th pint last Fall; surely you or someone you know can donate one (1) pint.

Jonathan, Darrell and I will be donating.  Newer Rotarian Gabriel Prado has committed to making his first donation!
ACTION ITEM:  If you are one of the 2 out of 3 people that can NOT give, then please share this story with a friend, coworker or family member who can, and encourage them to donate.  If you can donate, click here to schedule your appointment.  If the good feeling of donating isn’t enough, we’ll give your free snacks afterward plus – and this is a popular one – a coupon for free pint of Gate City’s beer.  Pint for a pint.  Get it?  Now help us get another donor appointment booked.
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Posted by Hal Schlenger
January 10, 2023


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