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September 1, 2020


September is Basic Education and Literacy Month

9/3 O'Neill Outside Radio- O'Neill Williams
9/10 Owner / Operator - Ryan Pernice
9/17 No Meeting
9/24 EHT- Dave McCleary


9/9 Hump Day
9/14 42nd Annual Aubrey Greenway Golf Tournament
9/14 8th Annual Hagan Cup Classic Tennis Tournament
9/17 Blood Drive


President Lynne Lindsay
President-Elect Terry Taylor
Immediate PP Gordon Owens
Treasurer Alex Kaufman
Secretary John Carruth
Foundation Don Horton
Membership Mike Agurkis
Service Nancy Alterman
Public Image Lee Patrick, III


Cheryl Greenway 2012-13
Bob Hagan 2015-16


Thursdays, 12:15 pm
Community Activities Bldg
10495 Woodstock Road
Roswell, GA 30075

Rotary Online



To: 41411

Our Rotary Family

9/2 Dennis Eidson
9/4 Terry Taylor
9/4 Roger Wise, Jr.
9/6 Rudy Lind
9/7 Carl Owens, Jr.
9/13 Bill Swank
9/13 Talaya Parker, Ms
9/14 Lynn Dunn
9/14 Chuck Savage
9/14 Carleton Ohly
9/16 Scott Morchower
9/17 John Webster
9/17 Mike Agurkis
9/17 Rich Simons
9/18 Dwayne Kell
9/20 Jeff Bridges
9/22 Lorraine Head
9/24 Chris Archer
9/25 Michael Sutton
9/27 Dave McCleary
9/30 Lee Patrick, III
9/30 Anita Farley


9/6 Stacy Perlman (13)
9/7 Sid Disher (11)
9/8 Jeff Bridges (15)
9/8 Karen Schwank (9)
9/9 Sue Sharp (16)
9/9 Lisa Smith (16)
9/9 Herb West (44)
9/18 Debbie Cwalina (6)
9/18 Brian Hansford (6)
8 years in Rotary
9/22 Henry Hicks (28)
9/24 Tod Baker (5)
9/26 Patsy Wolff (29)


Our membership cares deeply about the needs and concerns of our members. We don’t want to miss an opportunity to reach out in friendship when such concerns arise. The chairperson of this committee is Lynn Dunn and all news should be directed to her at lynn.dunn@rmcpa.com

President's Message
Thank You

 To my Rotary Team,

I feel like the past several week’s letters have been a call to arms. Rousing our passion for the Golf and Tennis Tournament, Blood Drive, Backpack Collection, Sweeping the Hooch and the list goes on.  

This week I will take a brief pause to say, “Thank You.” Thank each of you for your sincerity and your personal efforts to make our community and this world a better place. Compassion and drive are a potent combination for results – but they take energy and time.

We are Rotarians and, more fundamentally, we are good people doing good things as a team.

Thank you for your energy. Thank you for your time. Charge on!

This Weeks Speaker
O'Neill Outside Radio - O'Neill Williams

O'Neill Williams, is host of O'Neill Outside, an outdoor based television series on FOX Sports Sun, FOX Sports Southeast, FOX Sports Arizona, Pursuit Channel, HuntTV, Amazon Prime, Outdoor Action Network, Camo Crusade, Waypoint TV, GEN 7 Outdoors to 277,000,000 subscriber households weekly and "O'Neill Outside" radio broadcasts to 38 states via WSB Radio in Atlanta and is in syndication nationally via the 155 SB Nation affiliates. "O'Neill Outside" radio is the #1 outdoor based live radio talk show in the country

Thursdays, 11:45 - 1:15 PM | Holiday Inn
Meeting Protocol Virtual and In-Person

You can participate either way.

1)  Join us at the Holiday Inn.   Please arrive around  11:45AM.  Do not add chairs to the tables as they are preset.  Please do not change seats once you have been seated. The Holiday Inn is located behind the Olive Garden at 909 Holcomb Bridge Rd, Roswell, GA 30076.

2)  Join us virtually at 12:15pm by computer, tablet or phone via https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86519741518 

We Need Your Help
Sponsor Our Tournament

We need the help of EVERY member of Roswell Rotary as we prepare for this years tournament, September 14th.   Join the Golf & Tennis Czars every Thursday at 11:15AM on how YOU can get involved.  Live at the Holiday Inn or via  ZOOM   https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88325965247   

You may also   Simply click here to access the commitment form to purchase a sponsorship or ticket to one of our great tournament events:


Bring It On

We are collecting Auction items for the Golf & Tennis Fundraiser. Contributions of wine, dark liquor, mountain and beach retreats are very much appreciated.

Please call/text Mary Trapp at 770-645-1320 to pick any contributions. We will also be collecting items at the meetings.

Sept.19th, 11:00AM-3:00PM We've Got Your Back
Cookout for Law Enforcement, Fire & Rescue and First Responders

 On Saturday, Sept 19th from 11:00AM – 3:00PM we will host a drive through cookout to feed our local law enforcement, fire and rescue and first responders at Fire Station #4, 1400 Old Alabama Road 30075.

We will need volunteers to serve as greeters, cooks, baggers, etc.  

Contact Dave Young at nfultonpt@juno.com or Jack Wyche at javic@msn.com for information on how YOU CAN SERVE.

Sept. 9th, 5:30PM HUMP DAY
Burgers & Brews at Lucky's


Join your fellow Rotarians Wednesday, Sept. 9th @ 5:30 for a bit of mid-week fun, burgers and cold brews.

Bring your significant other or a prospective member. 

We hope to see you there!

Let It Flow on Thu, Sep 17
Why Roswell Rotarians Will Be Donating Blood

"When discussing health insurance, I hear people say that they're not worried about staying healthy, they just don't want to be sick," shared Hal Schlenger. "Yet we know that's nice until…...happens." Having a blood bank is the same having a retirement account and other financial planning, except only 37% of us can donate. Please help keep our local bank solvent.

As if this plus Bob Hagan's story last week and other Rotarian's stories aren't enough inspiration to donate, Gate City Brewery is offering a "Pint for a Pint," for members, members' employees, friends and family who register for a time to donate blood. Donate a pint of blood, and receive a pint a coupon for Freedom Fighter or any other Gate City libation.

BONUSES: COVID-19 test is done are part of the screening process. And Red Cross will send you an Amazon gift card as a 'thank you' (that you could in turn donate to HomeStretch). Click here to reserve 60 minutes on Sep 17 to donate.

For more information, contact Darrell Bartlett or Hal Schlenger. Our thanks to Pat Rains and Michael Curling for their current and past help saving lives in our community. 

Nov. 3rd Election
Poll Workers Needed

With record-breaking turnout expected in November, counties need to recruit more poll workers than ever before. Having enough poll workers helps to keep lines short and ensures a positive experience for voters.

Reach out to cobi.haggard@fultoncountyga.gov or 404-612-9150 for more information on how to sign up.  

Charity Spotlight
The Drake House


The Drake House is a short-term crisis housing, education and empowerment program for homeless mothers and their children, designed to assist the family in working toward housing self-sufficiency.

Fast Facts:

  • Founded in 2004 as a Leadership North Fulton class project to address the growing number of homeless women and children in the area. The doors opened in 2006.
  • Named in honor of Roswell native Mary Drake, a founder of North Fulton Community Charities.
  • The Drake House assists families toward becoming financially stable, contributing members of the community through a variety of programs, including:
    • Housing and food, so families can remain in the community and children can remain in their current schools
    • Preserving the family unit (boys over the age of 12 are allowed to remain with their family, rather than go to a men’s shelter)
    • Children and teen after-school enrichment programs
    • Life skills, education, and empowerment planning for adults
    • Career coaching including assistance with resume development, interviewing skills, clothing, skills development, career seminars, and job leads 
  • Each year, the organization’s private housing serves approximately 50 families and 100 children.
  • The Drake House has served over 350 families with more than 650 children since opening its doors.

Find out more:


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