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July 6, 2021


July is New Rotary Year Month

7/8 Past Presidents Recognized.
7/15 Andy Williams Visit Roswell
7/22 Dan Jourdan Motivational Speaker


7/11 “Cops N’ Cars” car show
7/15 Alive in Roswell
8/4 Hump Day Social
8/12 District Celebration


President Terry Taylor
President-Elect John Carruth
Immediate PP Lynne Lindsay
Treasurer Nancy Alterman
Secretary Alex Kaufman
Past President Gordon Owens
Past President Becky Stone


Cheryl Greenway 2012-13
Bob Hagan 2015-16


Thursdays, 12:15 pm
Roswell Area Park
Bill Johnson Community Activity Building
10495 Woodstock Road
Roswell, GA 30075

Rotary Online



To: 41411

Our Rotary Family

7/1 George Polatty, Jr.
7/5 Bob Hagan
7/6 Jack Wyche
7/7 Eddie Smith
7/8 Allison Judy
7/8 Richard Austin
7/11 Craig Simons
7/12 Andy Williams
7/13 Dick Anthony
7/13 Scott Moscow
7/13 Langdon Hollingsworth
7/14 Matthew Ashman
7/15 Malone Dodson
7/16 Mike McRay
7/17 Jack Tolbert, Jr.
7/18 Susan Church
7/19 Alex Kaufman
7/19 Mark Snoddy
7/23 Dave Nelson
7/23 Steven Palmer
7/27 Walt Woliver
7/29 Matt Thomas
7/30 Dick Zorn
7/30 Samuel Pittman


7/1 Larry Harman (14)
22 years in Rotary
7/1 Kay Love (14)
7/7 Zachary Fields (5)
7/9 Tom Wright, Jr. (1)
39 years in Rotary
7/11 John Ross (4)
7/12 Rich Austin (9)
7/16 Melissa Weaver (1)
5 years in Rotary
7/16 Harvey Smith, III (29)
7/16 Don Horton (6)
7/17 Dr. Betty Price (7)
7/17 Mike Agurkis (7)
7/17 Mark Snoddy (18)
21 years in Rotary
7/20 Don Rolader (21)
28 years in Rotary
7/20 Michael Hernandez (21)
7/20 Robert Button (21)
7/22 Becky Stone (12)
7/25 Jack Tolbert, Jr. (36)
7/25 Pat Rains (13)
7/26 Dave Hallman (20)
7/26 Joe Mazzeo (3)
7/28 Jack Wyche (16)
7/28 John Webster (10)
7/28 Chris Archer (10)


Our membership cares deeply about the needs and concerns of our members. We don’t want to miss an opportunity to reach out in friendship when such concerns arise. The chairperson of this committee is Lynn Dunn and all news should be directed to her at lynn.dunn@rmcpa.com

Celebrating our Independence

”We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” – Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776

As I sat with my other Roswell Rotarians at Roswell Area Park watching the extraordinary fireworks display, I couldn't help but to reflect on the last year we had been through. Pandemic, civil unrest and political divide and yet none of this can strip us of our independence and freedom. The city of Roswell pulled out all the stops as if they had been storing the red, orange, purple, white, yellow and blue, fireworks from last years cancellation to celebrate being alive again and able to celebrate our great country with our friends and family.

Come and join us this Thursday as we pass the pin, celebrate our past Presidents and their great contributions which have made this club the best Rotary club in the world.

Cops 'n Cars Show This Weekend! Volunteers Needed


This is an event you won't want to miss! The Roswell Police Department’s “Cops N’ Cars” car show is coming up July 11th, from 11am-3pm, at Roswell City Hall. This FREE family event will feature hundreds of unique and exciting vehicles, local vendors, food trucks, and more, all while supporting a great cause.  VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED at Roswell City Hall from 9 am - 4 pm (or any portion thereof).  Come enjoy the show and pitch in for RPD.  For more information, contact Leslie Bassett at 678-595-8509 or leslie@pridgenbassett.com.