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Happy Thanksgiving!

This last weekend Amy and I joined Hal Schlenger for a walk with a Doc. This is a nationwide program started in 2005 and although the turnout was small we enjoyed our time walking the trails of Vickery Creek.  Some of this hike was climbing some challenging hills amongst the rocks and tree roots.

One of the participants was an older woman named Virginia. She was not in the best shape, and I truly didn’t know if she would be able to finish the 3.5 mile hike. The group did a good job of pausing to wait for her at some scenic spots. When we finished the walk, Virginia shared how much she appreciated the walk and community support from Rotary. She wanted to push herself and she said she will be back to do more. And then she shared her age, of 74.

So what the group did for Virginia was a beautiful, albeit small, thing. As the story goes, when a person is walking along the beach, sees a starfish, stops to pick it up and returns it to the water, a person watching this says ‘that won’t make a difference.’ And the response is that it won’t save the world, but it meant the world to that starfish. Saturday was a true Rotary moment. Thanks Hal.

No meeting this week.   Enjoy time with loved ones and Happy Thanksgiving!  I am truly thankful for my Rotary family.

Posted by Terry Taylor
November 23, 2021


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