End Human Trafficking Update 1-6-22
Past President Dave McCleary will update us on the latest efforts and actions in the End Human Trafficking area.

Get the Facts!

Startling Facts about Human Trafficking

"Human trafficking is the 2nd largest business in the world, second only to illicit drugs. Often the two overlap." 

"Traffickers may be strangers, teachers and even family members"

The Power of One and the Power of Rotary

Hear past president Dave McCleary's update on what is happening with the effort to combat human slavery. If ever there was an example of the Power of ONE, it is Dave. After learning that human trafficking is not just a third world issue but happens daily right here in our hometown community, Dave was compelled to act. Knowing the influence and vastness of Rotary, which embraces 34,000 clubs and 1.2 million members worldwide, collectively the many become one force. Dave spent countless hours attending meetings, contacting and working with non-profit groups already serving different aspects of this multi-faceted issue to learn and determine the best way Rotary could help to achieve the goal of stopping human trafficking/modern day slavery). 

The Mission

Dave can tell you stories of so many lives that have been changed as a result of this effort....young girls rescued from traffickers,  mothers and fathers getting their daughters back, coordinated efforts with truck stops and hotels and airlines and bars to post signage to increase awareness and as an emergency rescue for victims. The spark of his commitment to this cause has exploded into huge awareness and legislation and deliverance for so many victims. Please make sure you attend on Thursday, Jan. 6 to hear directly from Dave about current efforts and to find out how we as Rotarians can help!!! Don't miss this one!

Posted by Kathryn Igou
January 4, 2022


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