Speaker January 13- Lisa Weldon
Author Lisa Weldon joins Roswell Rotary for "New Beginnings"

Where would you go if you had 30 days away? And what would you do with your 30 days?

This is the premise of Lisa Weldon's memoir titled Thirty Pieces. 

Lisa’s world collapsed the year she turned 58. Her 25-year marriage ended; the only home her children had ever known fell into foreclosure; and her last child left the nest. Her financial lifeline, her career in advertising, had gone stagnant.

From under the crushing realities a wild idea popped into her head. What if she went away for 30 days, all alone to New York City and took a crash course to learn the new digital ways of her business? After class she could sneak in a 1-mile walk, each day treating herself to a different neighborhood of Manhattan, the place she’d always dreamed of living. Using the lessons she’d learn, she could share stories and photos from her daily walks, all in hopes of reinventing herself professionally. 

 After New York, Lisa spent a month walking every arrondissement of Paris. Huffington Post invited her to chronicle her Paris walks, then featured her first submission on the front cover of their “Living Fearlessly” section. Oprah’s network, Harpo Productions, caught wind of her reinvention story and invited Lisa to give Cindy Crawford advice on turning 50. City leaders of New Orleans brought Lisa and 25 other influencers to walk their city, in hopes they'd share its entrepreneurial rebirth after Katrina. She has since walked Shanghai and Istanbul, all while learning the power of storytelling. 

And now? Lisa just released her memoir titled Thirty Pieces. It’s the story of a 58-year-old woman who reinvents herself by taking 30 days to walk through the pieces of her life.

Join us for this time with Lisa on Thursday, January 13

Looking forward to hearing Lisa discuss how we can also take time to reset and refresh!

·  Re-brand yourself in a creative manner

·  Set goal, how to reach it

·  Value of taking 30 days, alone and away

See you Thursday!!!!!!

Posted by Susan Rumble
January 11, 2022


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