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September 27, 2022


September is Basic Education and Literacy Month

9/29 Roswell Water Utility - Chris Boyd & Brian Watson
10/6 Youth Day Preview
10/13 Be The Voice
10/20 DG George Granade Official Club Visit


10/1 Gary Garrett's Farm Day
10/4 RR After Hours Club
10/8 Youth Day Parade
10/18 RR After Hours Club


President John Carruth
President-Elect Alex Kaufman
Immediate PP Terry Taylor
Treasurer Trummie Patrick, III
Secretary Nancy Alterman
Membership Katie Anderson
Foundation Leslie Bassett
Public Image Michael Gould


Cheryl Greenway 2012-13
Bob Hagan 2015-16


Thursdays, 12:15 pm
Roswell Area Park
Bill Johnson Community Activity Building
10495 Woodstock Road
Roswell, GA 30075

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Text: RRC
To: (833) 456-2829

Our Rotary Family

9/2 Dennis Eidson
9/4 Terry Taylor
9/4 Roger Wise, Jr.
9/6 Rudy Lind
9/12 Alesia Booth
9/13 Bill Swank
9/13 Talaya Parker, Ms
9/14 Lynn Dunn
9/14 Chuck Savage
9/14 Carleton Ohly
9/16 Scott Morchower
9/17 John Webster
9/17 Mike Agurkis
9/20 Jeff Bridges
9/24 Chris Archer
9/25 Michael Sutton
9/26 Brooke Foxman
9/27 Dave McCleary
9/30 Anita Farley


9/6 Stacy Perlman (15)
9/7 Sid Disher (13)
9/8 Jeff Bridges (17)
9/8 Karen Schwank (11)
9/9 Lisa Smith (18)
9/9 Herb West (46)
9/11 Gabriel Kelly (0)
9/15 Ian Mari (1)
9/15 Bonnie Mauldin (1)
9/15 Michael Thompson (1)
9/18 Debbie Cwalina (8)
9/18 Brian Hansford (8)
10 years in Rotary
9/24 Tod Baker (7)
9/26 Patsy Wolff (31)


Our membership cares deeply about the needs and concerns of our members. We don’t want to miss an opportunity to reach out in friendship when such concerns arise. The chairperson of this committee is Lynn Dunn and all news should be directed to her at lynn.dunn@rmcpa.com

We Can't Take Clean Water for Granted
President John's Message

You are thirsty.  You go to your sink and turn on the faucet.  Clean, drinkable water comes out.  But it's not always a guarantee.  Ask the people of Jackson, Mississippi.

Last week we heard what Past President A.D. Dalton and our club have done to help the folks in Jackson through their water crisis. Half of the water our club bought was delivered on September 15th and the last half is due to arrive this week.

This week our own City of Roswell Water Department folks - Chris Boyd and Brian Watson - will tell us about how Roswell has prepared to avoid the type of problems Jackson has experienced this summer.  It's not something we can take for granted.

See you Thursday!

Let's Talk About Water
Program Sept 27: Chris Boyd and Brian Watson

Do you ever think about how our Roswell water is clean and delicious? These past few weeks Roswell Rotarians partnered with other groups to send clean water to Mississippi. We often take for granted our crystal clear, tasty Roswell water!

This week we will hear from the award winning Roswell Waterworks team.  Don't miss this opportunity to hear about the fantastic job being done in the City of Roswell to make sure the taps run clean for us all.
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This Saturday!
Gary Garrett's Farm Day Event- This Saturday October 1st

Come join us for a Roswell Rotary Family Picnic at Gary Garrett's Farm.

WHO:  Roswell Rotary members and families; great fun for the kids. WE NEED TO KNOW YOU ARE COMNG   Sign up here at Rotary Farm Day Potluck

WHAT:  Potluck Picnic at Gary Garrett's farm.  Clay shooting, 4 wheelers for adults, horseshoes, learn the history of gold on the property, play games, kids can enjoy the barn, eat good food

WHEN:  Saturday October 1 from 1 pm - 4 pm

WHERE:  335 Yellow Creek Road, Ball Ground, GA  30107

WHAT TO BRING: Everyone is asked to bring a side item. Sign up at this link Rotary Farm Day Potluck and let us know what you plan to bring so we can coordinate sides.   

Special thanks to Gary Garrett for donating his place once again for this wonderful event!  

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Positive Reinforcement for High School students
Gift Card Drive for RHS

Roswell High School is built on many traditions that help to develop our future leaders. Under the leadership of Pricinpal Mrs. Latoya Miley, a new focus to "Commit to the R" has been set in motion. Through this Positive Behavior Intervention, "Commit to the R" is a focus on REWARDING the good behavior that our students display.

If you would be interested in supporting "Commit to the R", RHS would sincerely appreciate donations of gift cards in the amount of $5 (or up to $20) to help us REWARD students making the RIGHT choices. For more info, Rotary's contact is Becky Stone.
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Candy Needed for Youth Day Parade: Oct. 8

From the pictures above from last year's parade, you can see both the work and the fun as Interact Club works to build the float and then ride and walk in the parade. 

What We Need: The float needs bags and bags of candy to throw out to the parade goers! Individually wrapped candy is perfect. NO CHOCOLATE- It melts! Come enjoy the fun of watching the parade and cheering for the floats! 2022 Youth Day our coordinators are Zach Fields, Jack Wyche and Ken Briggs.

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New Member Spotlight
Welcome New Member: Joe Gillespie

Schools attended  University of Notre Dame (Go Irish!), and Sara attended Saint Mary’s College.

Major  After graduating in January of 2003 with a bachelor’s degree in accounting,

Where you live and have lived  My family and I have resided in Roswell for a little over six years. My wife and I grew up in Niles, MI.  

Spouse  I have been married to my lovely wife, Sara, for 10 years  Sara attended Saint Mary’s College.

Kids and ages  We have two elementary age children, a son (10) and daughter (8). [read more]

Tue, Oct 25 new location: Computer Museum of America
Who Do You Know that Could Save Your Life?

Imagine that you can save lives even though your chances are 2 out of 3 that you can't give blood.  The solution is simple: find a friend, family member -- or our favorite solution, your coworkers -- to donate a pint.  Not only will they get cookies and snacks, they'll get the Roswell-popular "Pint for a Pint" coupon from Variant Brewing.

Share this link with the one who will 'giveth and receiveth' so that they can reserve a table of their choice.  

Questions should be directed to Darrell Bartlett at 770-883-7757 or Hal Schlenger at 770-335-0077.

After Hours Serves Spaghetti Lunch to Veterans at VEO

This past Saturday, After Hours visited the Veterans Empowerment Organization (VEO) to serve the veteran residents a delicious and homemade spaghetti lunch. Shout-out to John Davies who made the pasta from scratch and Lindsay Davies for spearheading the effort. Every plate was clean and the vets were coming back for more! 

After Hours Meeting Recap

Did you know September is National Suicide Prevention Month? After Hours welcomed a very special guest, mental health advocate Lynn Prothero. Lynn serves on the board for the Georgia Chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, is a Crisis Text Line volunteer and is a Talk Saves Lives educator. She spoke about the signs to look for in a suicidal person and what to do if a family member or friend is having suicidal thoughts. It was a very important and worthwhile discussion to have.

The club also officially welcomed three new members to the Rotary family! Please help us welcome Will Albers, Grant Miller and Gabriel Kelly.

The next After Hours meeting is Tuesday, October 4th at  6:30 at the Artillery Room @ Gate City.

Save the dates
This is where Roswell Rotary's Magic Happens. How will you help?

This is what earns Rotary such a great reputation...and "Club of the Year" recognition. Plan to attend many of these events...and think about bringing a friend or prospective new member.

If you believe in Rotary's mission and recognize the value our club brings to our community and our world, then participate -- and share it with others!

Gary Garrett's Farm Day

Add To Calendar Sat, Oct 1        1pm - 4pm

Youth Day Parade

Add To Calendar  Sat, Oct 8          TBA

Last Alive in Roswell

Add To Calendar    Thurs. Oct. 20

World Polio Day

Add To Calendar  Mon Oct 24          TBA

Red Cross Blood Drive

Add To Calendar Tue, Oct 25        TBA

Hump Days Begin Again in November   TBA

Day of the Dead

Add To Calendar  Tuesday, Nov. 1  TBA

Holiday Party

Add To Calendar Friday. Dec. 9 TBA


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