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"Like Minded, Same Passion, One Goal"

Click Here for Video-What Does the Mission Statement "Like Minded, Same Passion, One Goal" mean to our you?

As our 2021 Golf Chair Tim McFarlin reminds us with this mission statement....whether you are a golfer or a tennis player or a volunteer....a sponsor or a donor...we all have ONE GOAL and that goal is to raise as much money as we can to support our charity organizations. More even more so than in other years, this support is so badly needed.

Listen here to a few words from Jim Coyle discussing how behind they are due to Covid-19.

We need everyone to be a part of this tournament. You are reason why this tournament creates miracles, and we need YOU now. 

This is our ONE big fundraiser...listen here for some history behind that...

So every Roswell Rotarian is part of the golf and tennis tournament! 

So how can you help? Listen to a message from 2021 Sponsorship Committee Chair John Reddick.

We need YOU and your network of friends, neighbors, business associates. We need YOU to share social media posts...One post on the Roswell Rotary Facebook site shared by each member of this club who is on Facebook could reach hundreds of thousands of people!  YOU are the secret sauce that makes this tournament a success!

Call to Action this week's meeting: 1. Complete the Commitment form for YOUR commitment for the tournament 2. Hand out or email asks to your network for sponsorship, for players, for donors...give them a chance to join in this amazing event!

Links to important pages on the site:   Golf    Tennis    Commitment Form 

Posted by Kathryn Igou
September 13, 2021


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