Presidents Message

“Today, we play for those who can’t”

It goes without saying that I didn’t sleep much the night before the golf and tennis tournament. I felt like a kid on Christmas Eve and our fundraiser lived up to all the hype leading up to our day. Coach McFarlin, Rich Austin and crew did a fantastic job this year bringing in some heavy hitters from the NFL and MLB. The weather cooperated and despite playing two less holes, everyone I spoke to had a great time. It won’t be known for some time how much money we raised for our charities, but one thing is for sure, we accomplished our goal of creating a very well-organized fun filled event.

You can never say “thank you” enough so THANK YOU! again to all our sponsors, and to everyone who volunteered their time, talent, and treasures to this year’s event.

  • Like minded.
  • Same Passion.
  • One Goal.

This week we won’t have our normal meeting, so if you come to the Roswell Area Park on Thursday and get a great parking space, don’t say we didn’t tell ya so. Please join us for our next meeting on September 23rd when we hear about how the Atlanta Angels are doing great things by helping families in the foster care community.

Posted by Terry Taylor
September 14, 2021


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