A message from Jonathan Crooks
Compelling Testimony for Roswell Rotary Blood Drive

This is Jonathan Crooks writing to you today. Most, if not all, of you know me as your Rotarian brother who just came through the long bout with the COVID-19 Delta Variant.

I’ve been asked to write to you today to ask you to consider donating a pint of blood at our annual blood drive on November 3rd. As I struggled through my battle with COVID-19, I personally received 3 pints of blood and one infusion of COVID-19 antibodies. I don’t know who it was who donated them, but I thank God for them.

As Rotarians, we give of our time, our gifts, and our dollars, living up to our motto, “Service above Self”. This is truly an opportunity to give OF ourselves. Our opportunity to gift to someone else a part of ourselves we can’t give any other way. You’ll never know who it was who received your life-giving blood, but I guaranty, you will sleep better at night knowing you did so. As I personally strengthen, my plan is to take part in the “COVID-19 Delta Antibody Harvesting” program, so that I may help someone else. If my doctor allows me to do so, I’ll be lying next to you in November as we give this precious gift.

So please join your fellow Rotarian Brothers and Sisters and give this gift of life to someone else. As one who recently received this gift, I thank you for those who will receive what we will do. May God bless you for doing so.

Please click the link below, sign yourself up, and particularly if you can't donate blood, inspire your friends and neighbors to.  

Truly Giving of Yourself:    Click here to reserve your time on Nov. 3rd to donate

Posted by Jonathan Crooks
October 12, 2021 8:00am


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