It's a Field Trip!
Join us at Ron Clark Academy Wednesday, January 12th 10-11:30am

Remember Ron Clark's visit to Roswell Rotary? 

Remember his passion and energy as he was speaking to our club about the school? He certainly grabbed our attention and our hearts!

Invitation to Open House

Now you have a special invitation to attend an Open House at Ron Clark Academy to see for yourself how dynamic and effective education can be in America. Ron Clark Academy (RCA) is a global leader in training educators on exciting, effective, disciplined means and methods of teaching. You will be truly moved by your experience in visiting RCA's Open House and hopefully you will want to step-up and support the betterment of education in our country!

To Register (Note: YOU MUST REGISTER to attend): ronclarkacademy.com/openhouse

Your visit will include a tour of the entire campus (including the new Ryan Marshall Performing Arts Center), a classroom lesson observation, and the exciting opportunity to be slide certified! This experience is sure to be educational and fun while giving you a glimpse of the amazing things that happen at the Ron Clark Academy every day!

Posted by Michael Nielsen
January 4, 2022


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