Let It Flow on Thu, Sep 17
Why Roswell Rotarians Will Be Donating Blood

"When discussing health insurance, I hear people say that they're not worried about staying healthy, they just don't want to be sick," shared Hal Schlenger. "Yet we know that's nice until…...happens." Having a blood bank is the same having a retirement account and other financial planning, except only 37% of us can donate. Please help keep our local bank solvent.

As if this plus Bob Hagan's story last week and other Rotarian's stories aren't enough inspiration to donate, Gate City Brewery is offering a "Pint for a Pint," for members, members' employees, friends and family who register for a time to donate blood. Donate a pint of blood, and receive a pint a coupon for Freedom Fighter or any other Gate City libation.

BONUSES: COVID-19 test is done are part of the screening process. And Red Cross will send you an Amazon gift card as a 'thank you' (that you could in turn donate to HomeStretch). Click here to reserve 60 minutes on Sep 17 to donate.

For more information, contact Darrell Bartlett or Hal Schlenger. Our thanks to Pat Rains and Michael Curling for their current and past help saving lives in our community. 

Posted by Hal Schlenger
September 1, 2020


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