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Virtual Healthcare

Dr. Jeremy Boyd is a primary care physician in Roswell.  He has served with the Welllstar Medical Group for the last 3 years. He earned his undergraduate degree from the University of North Georgia, and his medical degree at St. Matthews University School of Medicine.

After finishing medical school, he completed his Family Medicine Residency at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center in Bronx, NY and followed this up with a year in Obstetrics at Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center also in the South Bronx.  

Since Dr. Boyd's  return to Georgia, he has been back on the front lines of our country’s rapidly evolving healthcare delivery system since 2017. He spent this last year as Medical Director in the development of Wellstar’s first ever Virtual Anticoagulation Center of Excellence.

Dr. Boyd is visiting us to describe the digital-health revolution’s ongoing transformation of our healthcare delivery system and how new technology is closing the gap for some of our most vulnerable individuals here in the U.S.   He sees this opportunity of the future as a vision of virtual health one day expanding its reach around the world and into areas that need it most.

Posted by Tina Houck
February 23, 2021


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